7 Quick & Easy Backpacking Cocktails for Boozing


7 Quick & Easy Backpacking Cocktails for Boozing
en you plan your backpacking excursion, there are probably some items that you’d like to have with you, but because of their weight, you decide against them. This is probably not the case when it comes to your favorite cocktails for evening socializing and enjoyment around the campfire. While some liquids are a bit burdensome to carry in a backpack, if there are enough of you going on the trip, you can distribute the bottles evenly to help lighten the load during the day, and take a load off when relaxing at the day’s end. Here are 7 quick and easy backpacking cocktails that you’ll be glad you brought for boozing with your hiking companions.

1. Snake in the Grass

You’ll quickly discover that just a few of these wonderful and refreshing camp cocktails will give you new ideas for playing amusing drunken games. They are a must when spending quality time in the great outdoors. They’re easy to make from just a few simple ingredients. What you’ll need to have on hand is Lemon Lime Gatorade, which is already a backpacker’s essential, vodka, and green creme de menthe. We’d go easy on the green creme de menthe unless you’re an avid mint lover because it doesn’t take much to impart a world of flavor.

2. Goodnight Kiss

The Goodnight Kiss is one of the easiest backpacking cocktails to make. All you need to have is Good Earth tea and your favorite scotch. This is a convenient concoction because you can carry the Good Earth tea in bags and brew it up at the end of the day. You may want to try this cocktail towards the end of the evening because they don’t call it a Goodnight Kiss for nothing.

3. Under the Sleeping Bag

The Under the Sleeping Bag may well place you there in short order if you mix it too strong. To make this popular backpacker’s cocktail, take along a few small travel bottles of light rum, triple sec, brandy and lemon juice. You can combine the ingredients to suit your taste but be warned, the Under the Sleeping Bag can sneak up on you.

4. Mountain Margarita

The Mountain Margarita is another great cocktail for backpackers, campers and hikers. This is one that is particularly fun if you’re backpacking in country where there is a supply of fresh snow close by. To make the drink, all you need to do is rob your camp stash of lemon lime Gatorade, pull out your bottle of tequila and add fresh snow. It’s a lot like a lemon snow cone with a powerful kick. It’s just what’s needed to make the evening more interesting.

5. Wilderness White Russian

You can enjoy this sophisticated cocktail even when you’re out in the wilderness. What makes it so convenient is that the ingredients call for Kahlua, vodka and milk. You can substitute dry whole milk powder, which is light to carry in a backpack. Just re-hydrate it with water and you’re set to party the night away.

6. Blackberry Margarita

The Blackberry Margarita is another hiker’s favorite. Hikers, campers and backpackers who are fortunate enough to be in the high country during blackberry season just need to bring along a bottle of tequila, harvest a store of fresh picked berries and venture onto a high ridge and bring back enough snow for everyone to have a light and refreshing adult beverage.

7. Backcountry Mai Tai

The Backcountry Mai Tai is made with Tang, snow and dark rum. This is another beverage that offers the coolness of a snow cone with the warming effects of alcohol. Plus, it’s an essential cocktail for backpackers, hikers and campers.


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