4 Best Grills for Camping

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As fun as it might sound to cook a meal over an unpredictable campfire you started by rubbing two sticks together for an hour, it’s just not practical and definitely isn’t easy.

Camping should be used as a time to get away from the business and stress of daily life and cooking a meal while you’re doing so shouldn’t create stress of any kind.

While a nice campfire can really create a great ambiance and more importantly warmth on a cold night spent camping, if you want to cook a great meal consistently and evenly, you should definitely be sure to bring a grill designed for roughing it along for the trip.

We have compiled a list of what we feel are the very best grills for camping.


Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill


Blackstone Tailgater

Blackstone Tailgater


Martin Portable BBQ Gas Grill

Martin Portable BBQ Gas Grill


Camp Chef Rainier Camper Griddle Grill Stove Combo

Camp Chef Rainier Camper Griddle Grill Stove Combo


How We Chose Our Ratings

We have chosen to use a rating system that considers ease of use, functionality, and overall brand reputation. We feel that first-hand experience with each product is also very important, so we were sure to include reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers.

You can feel assured that all of these grills are of the best currently available to assist you in cooking various foods while out on a camping adventure. These grills are all tremendous options. It all comes down to exactly what you are looking for in a camp-friendly grill.

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Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill

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Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Propane Grill

This first grill on our list comes from Coleman, a name synonymous with exceptional camping equipment. Available in 8 different colors, the RoadTrip LXE is the end result of 17 years spent perfecting the portable grill for Coleman.

The impressive on-the-go grill has much to offer in terms of functionality and will allow you full control over these uses to provide you with perfectly cooked food each and every time.

Coleman knows you’ll probably be taking this grill with you in your car, so they have made sure to make it foldable and relatively lightweight to make transport as easy as possible.

The LXE comes complete with a two-burner interface that can be controlled independent of each other, allowing you to cook multiple foods at once.

In total, the grill offers an impressive 285 square inch cooking surface giving you plenty of room and a multitude of options.

The grill may be relatively small in stature, but don’t confuse that with a low power output. In fact, the RoadTrip by Coleman provides a tremendously impressive 20,000 BTUs of grilling power.

When completely folded into itself, the grill resembles a wheeled suitcase but smaller. Once you have reached your desired destination, simply place your foot on the plastic towing handle, grab the nearby metal clasp, and lift until the stand is fully extended.

Once your grill is fully set up, it’s time to ignite. Before you do so, you’ll want to make sure the lid is in its upright position, as a closed grill ignition could prove to be dangerous. This is a tip for all grills. You’ll never want to ignite a grill with a closed lid.

Luckily, when it comes to ignition, the RoadTrip LXE is simple thanks to its patented InstaStart technology.

If you’d like to, for any reason, cool pancakes for breakfast or even dinner (we don’t judge), you can do so with the available griddle top sold separately. Using the Swaptop functionality, you can interchange the grilling faces for griddle tops to cook foods that would otherwise drop through the grates of the grilling surfaces.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, April Portwood, says, “I wouldn’t trade this grill for the world! This grill is reliable & rugged and cooks better than any grill I have ever owned, and I take it everywhere I go!


Blackstone Tailgater

Blackstone Tailgater

As the name suggests, this grill is perfect to take with you for all of your tailgating needs, but its portability also doubles as a fantastic option while camping. Its legs are fully adjustable, providing you with the optimization you need to find the perfect stability for the often rough and uneven surfaces you’ll come across while camping.

Once you use this grill for the first time, you’ll never want to go camping without it. Offering dual cooking surfaces, versatility is a tremendous strong suit of the tailgater.

On the left, you’ll find a large standard grilling surface perfect for cooking up meats, vegetables, and other foods you’d like to get those nice and even grill marks all over.

On the right, you’ll find a very useful griddle surface for all of your foods that just can’t be tolerated on a standard grilling surface.

Both faces offer an impressive 16 x 16-inch cooking surface for a total of 512 inches of cooking space.

Both the grilling and griddle surfaces can rise to the very high temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit, cooking whatever you throw at them with ease and fast times. If you’d ever like to boil a pot of water for tea or anything else, you can absolutely do so thanks to the fact that both surfaces are fully removable.

Below each surface box, you’ll find the stripped-down burners that will work just like a standard stovetop. This very useful multifunction grill can make boiling water for any reason so much easier.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Trey, says, “I bought this for family camping trips. I had tried one of those typical camp stoves and had horrible results. The Blackstone Tailgater Combo proved to be perfect. Setup was quick and easy even on uneven ground with the adjustable legs.


Martin Portable BBQ Gas Grill

Martin Portable BBQ Gas Grill

This portable gas grill from Martin is compatible with low- and high-pressure lines alike and will be a perfect system to grill all of your favorites.

The Martin grill needs no external power source due to the fact that it is powered by its patented piezo ignition system. This simple and easy to use functionality will allow you to have complete control over exactly how you’d like your food to be cooked.

If your current soon-to-be meal is not cooking exactly how you’d prefer it to be, you can easily adjust the temperature according to the meat or vegetables of your choice.

A powerful U-shaped burner will cook all of your food to perfection by utilizing an impressive 14,000 BTUs. Not only will it cook your food quickly, but it will do so evenly as well. It is capable of accomplishing this evenness, thanks to its porcelain cooking grid. All heat can be contained within the grill surface due to its stainless-steel lid.

Its retractable warming tray can be maneuvered as needed to maximize all of the available 354 square inches of cooking space.

The grill’s foldable and adjustable support legs will allow you to establish a very necessary center of balance so that equilibrium can be achieved on the most uneven of terrain. Not only can the legs be adjusted with ease, but they can be fully deployed in an instant.

In fact, you can go from its folded storage set up to fully extended and ready to use in less than a minute’s time, allowing you more time for fishing, hiking, or whatever else you’d like to do on your adventurous outdoor excursion.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, David, says, “This is a convenient and awesome grill easy to use and the two-tier grill top handles as much as a larger grill. If you want to use it for tailgating, it fits nicely in a plastic storage tote for after-game transport.


Camp Chef Rainier Camper Griddle/Grill/Stove Combo

Camp Chef Rainier Camper Griddle Grill Stove Combo

You read right, this awesome combination setup from Camp Chef Rainier will allow you the functionality of a grill, griddle, or stove top all in one simple and easy-to-use outdoor machine.

Weighing in at just 16 pounds, this lightweight grill can be easily transported from one place to the next. When the grill lid is closed, the camper-style grill takes up very little room and its compact nature will allow you much more space in your car to fit all of your other camping accessories.

Offering up an outstanding 18,000 BTUs of power, this grill presented by long-standing outdoor company, Backcountry, will cook whatever you place on its three different cooking surfaces with ease.

The grill and griddle surfaces are both included in your standard setup, and whenever you need its stovetop functionality, simply remove either or both of these surfaces to expose the burners found underneath.

Not only does this grill option perform extremely well, it also looks stylish and sleek. When all closed up, the grill resembles a modern suitcase.

Let’s just say that you’d like to have steak and eggs for breakfast with a nice cup of coffee to help you jumpstart a day’s worth of outdoor fun and activities.

Customer Reviews

Satisfied Amazon.com customer, Hek, says, “Was searching for the most efficient, best reviewed, sturdy and versatile stove for camping and tailgating. Found it! This awesome piece comes with a carrying case and a griddle!

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Grills for Camping

You really cannot go wrong with any of our picks for the best grills for camping. All of them are made for camping and will quickly become your new go-to source of reliable campsite cooking.

If you prefer a grill on wheels that is fully collapsible and personalized with its 8 different color options, go with the Coleman RoadTrip LXE.

If you need a grill and griddle duo with an easy setup, the Blackstone Tailgater may be just what the doctor (or Bear Grylls) ordered.

The Martin grill option could be best for you if all that you need is a simple and straightforward grill that will cook food items quickly and evenly.

Finally, if you know that you like those perfect grill marks on your meat, like to cook eggs and pancakes while camping, and need space to boil water, the 3-in-1 functionality of the Backcountry Camp Chef Rainier will absolutely do the trick (or tricks).

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