10 of The Best Hammock Straps of 2018 – Review & Rating

Best Hammock Straps

If you’ve ever been resting peacefully, then suddenly plummeted to the ground, you know the value of a high quality hammock strap. Hammocks offer a portable bed to take a comfortable nap and can be used in the wilderness or in your back yard. Hammocks are making a comeback in popularity, but not all are created equal. You can have a high quality hammock, but if the straps are weak or defective, it won’t do you much good. We have some tips to help you find the best hammock straps, followed by a review of the top ten on the market today.

Considerations Before Buying

Hammock straps are a part of the suspension system that keeps both ends of your hammock firmly in place. Manufacturers make them with a variety of different features. Here are the most important things to look for when looking for a dependable pair that won’t let you down.

  • Versatility: The best straps will be versatile for use both indoors and outdoors. There are several different objects that can be used to hang your hammock. This is why versatility is an important feature in the straps that you purchase. They should be mold and mildew and resistant for outdoor use in humid or moist weather. The materials should also be resistant to the fading and damaging effects of UV rains when left in bright sunlight. Your new straps should also be fit for use with objects that are both smaller and larger in diameter. You never know where you’re going to want to stretch your hammock.
  • Durability: New straps should be strong and durable. Look for a set that is made of sturdy materials of high quality, and excellent workmanship. Avoid the brands that use materials known for stretching and tearing. In our experience, Polyester webbing is the most suitable materials because it is resistant to tearing or stretching. In addition to the materials, the stitching is an important factor. The bet traps will feature a double or triple stitch construction for the seams. This prevents unravelling and tearing when in use.
  • Length: You have no way of knowing how much distance will be between the anchor points of your hammock. It could be a short distance or it could be long. You need straps that are long enough to reach objects that are far apart so a 10-foot length is recommended.
  • ​Weight: Before you purchase hammock straps, consider the weight of the entire suspension system. This is especially true if you’re hiking or backpacking. Many high quality straps are made of lightweight materials that are also durable and strong. Hammock straps are also available in doubles for added strength when two people will occupy the same hammock. Ideally, the total weight of your hammock straps will be two pounds or less.
  • Fit for use with trees: You can use any hammock strap with trees, but choose a set that is tree friendly. This means that it will be thicker and put less strain on the tree. Choose straps that are at least one inch in thickness so they don’t damage any trees that are used.

Comparison Table of The Best Hammock Straps



Editor’s Rating



MalloMe XL Hammock Straps


Nature’s Hangout HangTight Hammock Straps


Eagles Nest Outfitters – Atlas Hammock Suspension System


Rallt Hammock Tree Straps


Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps


Hammock Straps By Wise Owl Outfitters


XL Hammock Straps Set PYS Outdoor


Favofit Hammock Straps, XL Hammock Tree Straps


Pro Hammock Tree Hanging Straps


XL Hammock Straps Soufull Outdoor Tree Straps

Review of The Best Hammock Straps

1. MalloMe XL Hammock Straps

Our Rating:

MalloMe XL Hamock Straps are versatile for use practically anywhere with your hammock suspension systsem. A number one best seller, popular for their strength and durability.

Extra long:

Each Hammock tree strap is 12 feet in length for a total of 24 inches.

Tree Friendly:

We all need to do our parts to protect the environment. These straps are one inch wide to protect vulnerable trees and their bark from pressure cuts and abrasions.

40 Attachment loops:

The inclusion of 40 attachment loops lets you get a strong and even tension on suspended hammock. This prevents sagging and uneven distribution of weight.


These straps are versatile for use with a variety of objects for hammock suspension. Whether you’re at a boat dock, on the pier, in the mountains or in your back yard, these straps are compatible for us with multiple different suspension system components.

Carabiners and storage bag:

A set of two carabiners are included with the set of straps. A convenient carrying bag is also included for storage.


  • Great straps that are easy to setup and use
  • The tension adjusts very easily
  • These straps have a lot of loops so you can get your hammock tight
  • Good quality straps that hold up
  • Material does not stretch out


  • Good straps, but a little heavy

2. Nature’s Hangout Hang Tight Hammock Straps

Our Rating:

Secure your hammock suspension system with Nature’s Hangout Hang Tight Hammock Straps. The strongest straps on the market.

Quality construction:

Straight and uniform stitching for even spacing throughout the strap.

Fast installation:

You’ll be relaxing in your hammock in 90 seconds or less. No knots to learn for hassle free setup.


Daisy chained loop system offers ease in adjusting the hammock height quick and easy for the maximum comfort.

Strong and durable strats:

Straps are triple reinforced with double power bar tacked stitches for breaking point of 2,200 pounds in strength testing. Rated for a working load of 700 pounds combined.

Polyester webbing:

Polyester webbing is 100% guaranteed to be no-stretch material for superior performance under the weight load.


  • Quality materials and construction
  • Easy to install
  • Works well with large tree trunks
  • Long strap length for more choices in hammock setup
  • Safe for trees because of the width. Will not damage the trunks


  • Does not come with carabiners. These must be purchased seperately

3. Eagles Nest Outfitters – Atlas Hammock Suspension System

Our Rating:

Stylish Atlas straps are the perfect solution for hiking or backpacking. Light in weight and compact size fits easily into pack for dependable hammock suspension

Light duty hammock straps:

You don’t always need the most heavy duty hammock straps to get the job done. The Eagles’ Net Outfitters suspension system is tested to be reliable for weight loads up to 400 pounds.

Lightweight and compact:

Made from super light materials that are the perfect size and weight for hikers and backpackers. These straps don’t weigh you down when you’re packing a load across the wilderness.

Big Tree compatible:

Straps each measure nine feet in length for a total of 18 feet. Big trees are not a problem because there’s plenty of strap to go around them for secure suspension of Hammock.

Durable material:

Strong PolyFilament webbing materials are durable and tough for dependable support.


  • Light and small for packing without a lot of extra weight
  • Good straps that don’t stretch
  • Easy to use
  • Plenty of length for reaching across big trees
  • Works great with ENO hammocks and fast setup


  • A few users reported ravelling in the straps. The company fixed the problem quickly by sending new straps.

4. Rallt Hammock Tree Straps

Our Rating:

Heavy duty hammock suspension with reliable, long straps for versatility and dependability.


Strong polyester tubular webbing is durable and resistant to tearing or unravelling. Dependable support for hammock suspension systems.

Heavy Duty:

Strong straps carry a considerable weight load. Tested to withstand up to 2,000 pounds and more before reaching their breaking point..


Rallt Hammock Tree Straps are compatible with all hammock brands including Rallt, Grand Trunk, Kammok and Eagles Nest.

Fast Setup:

The daisy chain loop system makes it easy to set up in one minute or less. There are no complex knots for you to tie or learn.


Ultra-light polyester material is designed to offer strong and durable protection while being lightweight enough to easily carry in a backpack for hikers and backpackers. Total weight is just 11.7 ounces..


  • Nice carrying bag, small size and light for backpacking
  • Versatile for use on large rocks, trees, posts, docks and other anchor objects
  • Performs very well for supporting hammock reliably
  • Fast to set up
  • Good length


  • No carabiners included with this set. They must be purchased separately.

5. Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

Our Rating:

Secure support with simple to use attachment points that prevent sags. Say goodbye to knot tying with the easy to adjust Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock straps.

40 attachment points:

Extra support with 40 attachment points for achieving the perfect hammock hang wherever you are. Easy to make the adjustments that you need for the perfect tension with little effort on your part.

Medium duty support:

Tested to hold firm up to 1,000 pounds of weight load. Thanks to the extra thick and triple reinforced stitching at each attachment point, these straps will hold up under the recommended use and won’t let you down.


Extra length makes this pair of straps compatible for use with a variety of anchor point objects. Suitable for use with large trees or distant objects. Find the perfect spot with less searching and effort.

Fast setup:

There are no knots to tie or retie with the Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock straps. Installation is easy and takes seconds without a hassle


  • Good product that holds up well
  • Easy to use
  • Tension adjustment is faster and easier
  • Provides even tension for more comfort
  • Good length for excellent coverage
  • Rainfly works great


  • Straps work well but are heavy

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6. Hammock Straps By Wise Owl Outfitters

Our Rating:

Unlike the other straps you will find on Amazon, ours are very easy to use and you can have your hammock set up in under a minute. It is so easy, even the kids can do it. You don’t have to tie a single knot.

Easily adjustable & won’t stretch:

These straps are very strong and they will not stretch out. Move the included carabiners to any one of the loops to attain the perfect height and comfort level. Each strap is 10 feet long with 19 loops on each strap (many adjustments).

Gentle to the tree:

These straps are tree friendly because they are 1 full inch wide. The strap sits flat on the tree so it will not damage it. If you are taking a hammock camping, many camp sites will not allow you to use rope, so be prepared with these straps.

Caribiners included:

Unlike many other strap sets, Wild Owl Outfitters includes them as a package deal with the straps. This is a part of their commitment to providing high quality in their products.


  • Straps hold fast without stretching
  • Easy to use and less hassle than some others
  • Sets up fast and applies even tension
  • Nice wide straps are sturdy and dependable
  • Keeps hammock suspended without falling or sagging


  • Straps are heavier than advertised. They weigh 21 ounces instead of 15.

7. XL Hammock Straps Set PYS Outdoor

Our Rating:

PYS Hammock straps in extra large for a total of 20 feet in length for setting up your portable bed wherever and whenever for instant sleeping accommodations.

Fast and easy setup:

PYS hammock straps are designed for ease of use and fast setup. There are no knots to learn and tie and setup is so simple that even a child can do it.


Long straps are easy to attach to a variety of anchor points including large trees, docks, large rocks, cars, beams or other solid objects.


Hangtight Hammock straps are compatible with ENO SingleNest, DoubleNest and most of the other hammock brands on the market.


Made for use by hikers and backpackers. These straps won’t add unnecessary weight to backpacks because of the lightweight materials used in their manufacture.


Durable no-stretch materials guarantee that this strap won’t fail under recommended weight loads. Tested at a 2000-pound breaking strength.


  • Long straps make it easier to find convenient anchor points
  • Sets up easily and doesn’t take much time
  • Holds up well, good product
  • Quality materials and construction
  • Good weight for backpacking


  • Straps work well but loops are difficult to hook

8. Favofit Hammock Straps, XL Hammock Tree Straps

Our Rating:

Heavy duty hammock straps in extra long size for setup in more convenient places.


The long length makes it easy to attach to ideal anchor points, even if they are larger in circumference, such as large trees or rocks, vehicles, docks and other solid objects.

Heavy duty:

Favofit Hammock Tree straps are made of heavy duty materials that support a weight load of up to 1,400 pounds. Each strap is capable of handling 700 pounds.

Easy to use:

With Favofit Tree Straps you won’t need to worry about frustrating knot tying. The straps are designed to setup quickly and easily for a fast lounge whenever and wherever you need it.

Caribiners included:

Unlike many hammock strap sets, Favofit Hammock tree straps come with 2 carabiners included for a package deal and extra value.


  • Inclusion of carabiners is helpful
  • Easy to use and fast setup
  • Holds hammock in place
  • Easy to adjust tension
  • Straps are sturdy and of good quality


  • One user found these straps to be too stretchy while most others were pleased with its strength and rigidity under use.

9. Pro Hammock Tree Hanging Straps

Our Rating:

Pro Hammock tree hanging straps take the hard work and frustration out of hanging a hammock so you can lie back and enjoy a nap in leisure in minutes.

Fast and easy setup:

Pro Hammock tree hanging straps are made to be hassle free and they set up in just one minute or less. There are no knots to tie or hassle with. Simple installation with daisy chain loops for simple and fast setup.


30-loop anchor points allow you to make fine adjustments to prevent sagging and have a more pleasant and relaxing experience using your hammock.


Straps are long enough to attach to a variety of different objects. This makes it easier to find the ideal place to set up the hammock.


Straps are made of 100% polyester webbing that is non-stretch. This lessens the chance of sagging or falling. Each loop is reinforced with triple safety stitching.

Carabiners included:

Complete set of two straps and 2 carabiners included in the set.


  • Material is very strong and durable. Holds up with 2 persons in hammock nicely
  • Sets up very fast and is ready to go in record time
  • Ideal for using on trees or large rocks
  • Long straps make it easier to find the ideal location for the hammock
  • Quality straps and it’s easy to adjust the tension


  • Straps are a little bulky and heavy for backpacking

10. XL Hammock Straps Soufull Outdoor Tree Straps

Our Rating:

Soufull XL Hammock straps offer the convenience of extra length for hammock placement in more challenging areas. Dependable and sturdy, these straps won’t let you down.

Tree friendly:

Straps are one inch in width which makes them less of a threat to the health of a tree. Protecting nature is a part of camping responsibly. For backyard hammockers, you won’t damage your prized yard trees.


The total length of 20 feet for the two straps makes it easier to wrap them around large trees or rocks, docks, vehicles or any other solid object. This makes it easier to hang the hammock in the ideal location by opening up more anchor point options.

Strong and durable:

Straps are made of 100% polyester webbing material that is no-stretch. This does away with the dreaded sagging that can take you all the way to the ground. Strength testing rated these straps at a strength tolerance of 700 pounds per strap.


These straps are designed to be compatible with most hammock brands

Easy setup:

Straps so easy to set up that it can be done by a child. Simple setup process can be completed in just one minute or less with no frustrating knots to tie.


  • set up is really simple and goes quickly
  • Dependable straps that are easy to wrap around big trees
  • Holds hammock in place without sagging
  • Tension is easy to adjust
  • Great for use in the backyard or for camping


  • Some users report fraying and unravelling at 400 pounds. Contact manufacturer for replacement.

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Final verdict

Your hammock will only be as sturdy as the straps that are used to anchor it in place. Without them, a hammock is useless. They are one of the most important parts of the suspension system used to hold it in place.

Some people may need to have heavyduty straps for holding extra weight, while others do well with light duty straps. Choosing the right straps for the job is important, but paying attention to the weight and length is also important.

Whatever your needs and preferences, we’ve gathered the top ten best hammock straps in review for your consideration. Each is highly rated by users who recommend them to others with ratings of between 4.9 and 4.8 out of a possible 5 stars for quality and performance. We’ve put them all in one convenient place to save you the time and effort it takes to sift through the hundreds of similar products on the market.

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