The Best Splitting Maul – Our Top 4 Picks (Reviews & Ratings)

Finding the best splitting maul can be difficult as there are many brands and products on the market to choose from. Splitting mauls can be purchased in many different sizes and shapes for different projects and applications. These axes may also weigh differently which can determine how hard one is to use on a regular basis. There are several features that make these types of axes and mauls stand out among other competitors.

Best Splitting Maul

What is a Splitting Maul? Why Do you Need One?

Splitting mauls are referred to by several different names. For example, it is also called a blockbuster, block splitter, and sledge ax. A split maul resembles a big sledgehammer and has a point on the head. Its pointy head is used for splitting and busting material that is normally hard to break apart. A splitting maul has several uses to take advantage of, but the primary function of it is splitting and chopping wood. It has one side that can be used to split wood and another to bust block.

The maul or splitting axe needs to be of good quality to ensure your safety while using it. Many people who split wood often use a splitting maul because it has many advantages when it comes to getting the job done. There are many types of splitting mauls to buy as some are heavier than others and some are used for big logs while others can be used for twigs and kenneling. The type of wood splitting that you will be tackling is a huge factor in knowing what type of splitting maul you will need.

A split maul is a tool that can be carried in vehicles, toolboxes, or kept in sheds. The maul makes it easier to break wood apart which in turn makes it easier to burn. Splitting axes are safer than a large sharp ax, but still have the power to bust through wood and concrete.

Axes and mauls have many functions when used properly. When purchasing a split maul, it is important to carry it around first to ensure you can lift it and use it without hurting yourself. It also should have a non-slip grip to enhance safety and power when chopping wood. The splitting maul has many purposes and comes in a variety of sizes.

​What to Consider Before Buying a Splitting Maul?

There are several important factors to consider before buying a splitting maul. These factors can help save you time and determine the type of maul that you need. These factors can help reduce the choice among many brands on the market. Once you know what to consider when purchasing a chopping maul, you will be able to narrow down your selection faster.


  • A durable splitting maul will not fall apart or break easily
  • It will provide you with the assurance that it can handle the wood-splitting task
  • Strong and sturdy axes will feel solid when you hold them
  • It is important that a cutting ax that will last a long time


  • Make sure its size matches the project you’ll be using it for as splitting mauls and axes are available in different sizes
  • It is a good idea to hold each side to ensure you can swing easily
  • The smaller sizes still provide a powerful split
  • A longer handle ax is a good option for taller people to use
  • Each size is designed to hold and swung comfortably while making contact with each swing
  • It is important to know what ax size you would be comfortable using for long periods of time
  • The size should be considered if you're wanting to take it on the go for camping, hiking, or other outdoor activities and adventures


  • The design, handle, and the non-slip grip of chopping axes can determine how much power and contact that you will have when using it
  • It is a good idea to purchase an ax that is balanced for a smoother swing and contact motion
  • The design of the ax can help reduce the vibration that is felt when making contact with the log


  • Splitting maul and axes are made for various types of wood-cutting action
  • If you are only going to use the ax for small twigs, then you will not need to purchase a big ax
  • If you are wanting to split logs for firewood or to clear property, then you will want a bigger, more powerful ax and splitting wedge.
  • If you are wanting to split logs for firewood or clear property, then you would want a bigger more powerful axe.
  • The usage is a crucial thing to determine before making a hatchet or a splitting maul buying decision

The question “what to consider when buying a splitting maul?” can be further answered by the product reviews in the next section. Here is a list of products to choose from to ensure you pick the right splitting maul for you to use. For each one, we’ve written a brief products review to provide a look at the unique features you have to choose from.

List of Best Splitting Mauls

Best Splitting Maul

Our Rating:

The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe is a great product to use. It is highly recommended and is easy to swing. This Fiskars ax is 35 inches long and can handle any type of wood and has several features that make it a good fit for any outdoor splitting project. The following features can help you determine if it is a good fit for you.


This splitting ax is designed in a way that makes it best used by people who are on the taller side. This is because it requires more room to swing from ground to wood. The Fiskars splitting ax has a sturdy swing and provides a strong impact and is used for large pieces of wood. It has no problem splitting big logs and can be used for medium pieces as well.


It is designed to provide long strides when swinging this ax as its robust construction and design allows you to split more with long strides. This will enhance the amount of wood you can split with less effort. The more damage dealt in one hit can reduce the time it takes to split wood. The unique Fiskars design makes it easy to hold and handle without getting hurt as well.


The Fiskars splitting ax is made for power. It is a balanced power to ratio ax that makes it easy to swing. This powerhouse item successfully makes effective contact on the first swing. It is great for busting and splitting thick logs and concrete. The power behind this ax enables it to be able to connect, split, and break medium to thick items. The ax has a solid strength to make any splitting job easier and more efficient.


The Fiskars maul is constructed to save time when splitting wood or bricks with little effort. The item provides strong splitting ability and accuracy. The handle provides a comfortable swinging power and precise speed when connecting to the target. It is a handy tool to have available for a variety of outside tasks.


  • This splitting ax is 36 inches long
  • It has a sturdy handle and is easy to use
  • Each hit this ax delivers is extremely powerful
  • It can be used to break, crack, and split super solid objects
  • The Fiskars splitting ax saves time


  • Some customers complained that this splitting maul actually could not cut through large logs
  • It becomes pretty heavy when used for splitting firewood for a long period of time

Our Rating:

The Estwing E3-FF4 4-Pound Fireside Friend Wood Splitting Axe is one of the top products on the market. I recommend this item because of its fascinating benefits and uses. It is great for outside projects and is effective enough to save time that can be used for other projects. A wood splitting maul is a handy tool that can provide power and accuracy with each swing. There are several features that make the Estwing E3-FF4 a good product to own in particular. These features can help you decide if it is the best splitting maul for you.


This ax is designed for added stability when splitting wood. It’s extremely strong and was also made in America as an added bonus. It has been constructed and forged in one piece which makes it much easier to break. It was designed for long term use and made to split large pieces of wood. This item can be used regularly and will continue to provide a smooth splitting action. It is a good product to have around the home or work area.


The wood ax is made to cut and tear into almost any hard object. This makes it a highly favored item when it comes to splitting wood. It is durable with a sharp cutting edge. The ax can be sharpened easily when it starts to become dull or lose its splitting ability.


This item is equipped with built-in shock absorption provided by its non-slip grip. The shock absorption reduces up to 70% of vibration with each swing. This is an exceptional benefit to consider when purchasing a wood splitting ax. The grip allows you to hold it tight without hurting the wrist or arm - a crucial element when using an ax. A comfortable fitting grip can also reduce accidents from occurring when using a splitting maul.


This splitting maul’s unique design makes it a stable, durable, and powerful tool to use. The handle and head of the ax are designed to last and will provide long term wood splitting action. It is equipped with a durable and heavy-duty sheath that is made of nylon. This makes it a definite necessity for any type of log cutting project. It will last through frequent use and maintain a powerful splitting action with each swing.


  • This Estwing wood splitting ax is sturdy and durable
  • This item has a sharp head that can split large pieces of wood
  • Its shock-resistant construction reduces vibration when making contact with wood
  • This ax is forged in one piece which makes it hard to break


  • Many customers say it is a heavier tool to use than what they were expecting
  • It is not sharp enough to cut through thick wood in one hit

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Husqvarna 32 Wooden Splitting Maul

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Our Rating:

The Husqvarna 32” Wooden Splitting Maul is another highly recommended product on the market. It is a productive item and works perfectly when splitting logs and firewood. This splitting maul has many benefits that make it a good product to purchase. Each benefit will help you decide if this would be the best splitting maul for you to use.


This maul can be used for several different tasks. Its handle is made for strong force and contact. It is used to drive a wedge to help split objects. Its sharp ax head is made to tear into thick logs for easier splitting as well. The splitting maul is a resourceful tool to have on hand when breaking logs apart and splitting wood.


This item is constructed out of heavy-duty material, making it a solid cutting tool. The splitting maul has a sharp and powerful head that makes splitting wood into smaller pieces much more efficient. The handle provides stability and comfort which is a bonus when you are driving wedges into thick logs and block. This tool was carefully constructed to last for a long time even when used regularly. The entire design of the Husqvarna 32" Wooden Splitting Maul allows you to swing with a powerful force for precise contact.


This splitting maul’s handle is made out of hickory which is great for tough, thick logs. The hickory handle is stout and designed specifically to handle large logs and carry out strong splitting action. During your search, it’s crucial to prioritize finding a secure ax. A strong constructed ax handle will keep the sharp ax head in place and prevent it from easily breaking or flying off.


This wood splitting ax is extremely durable, and it can be used as both a wood splitting ax and a sledgehammer. This multitasking product is a recommended item because it is able to keep up with everyday use. A splitting ax needs to be strong and durable in order to tear apart thick and knotty pieces of wood on the regular.


  • This splitting maul is a durable item that cuts wood effectively
  • Its hickory handle is sturdy and does not easily break
  • This tool can be used as a sledgehammer and to cut wood
  • It has a thick hickory handle that is hard to crack


  • Some customers report that the handle cracked while splitting wood
  • Some users say that it does not last long and cannot handle large amounts of wood

Our Rating:

The Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter is a top product on the market among consumers. This item can break apart thick, knotty logs and split wood into sections with ease. It is a reliable product that many consumers own and use regularly because of the massive splitting action it offers. There are several benefits that make this a highly recommended product to buy. Read on below for information that can help you determine if this log splitter would be a good fit for your log splitting needs.


This heavy-duty log splitter is made of top grade carbon steel that is 53 to 56 HRC, a durable German material. This strong steel was used to ensure that this log ax does not break easily. This is the type of tool that you would not want to break while swinging in the air, and thankfully, the high-grade German design helps to prevent just that, with every split. We highly recommend you buy this strong steel made splitter is highly suggested to as it will last a long time and reduce the chance of unexpected injuries from occurring.


This log splitter has a powerful handle that can withstand every split you make. The hickory handle was perfected in Switzerland and made to last as it was constructed from FSC top grade hickory for a powerful force. This item is designed with a long, durable handle that makes tearing logs in half even easier. The long-shaped of the handle also offers a better swinging action for a harder impact. A powerhouse log splitter is a must-have product that will effectively split thick logs much more efficiently.


This product was constructed with a unique design. From the handle to the head, it is specifically created for perfect balance and precision. The slightly curved handle creates a balanced swing and solid impact with every log you aim at. The balance it provides prevents the splitter from being top heavy and reduces the risk of injury when using it.


The Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter weighs a total of 8.5 pounds. This item is lightweight and can be used for long periods of time without causing too much fatigue in the arm and wrist. The head of the splitter weighs the most to provide the biggest impact possible, weighing approximately 6.7 pounds (the splitter is 36 inches in length). This product is strong and durable but easy to use.


  • The Helko Vario 2000 Heavy Log Splitter does its job without any problems
  • It is made of durable material
  • This splitter is lightweight and not hard to swing
  • Its curved shape makes the splitter easy to handle without losing balance


  • Some users complain that this log splitter does not come with a very sharp head
  • Some say that the handle does not feel durable
  • It can sometimes get stuck in wood and is hard to get out

Safety Precautions When Using a Splitting Maul

To prepare for the wood-chopping process, felling an old or aged trunk is a good start. That being said, you must take careful preparations for it to be a success.

1. Cut the wood to the right length

The shorter logs are, the easier they are to chop. Most fireplaces can take in wood pieces between 16 to 20 inches. Cut the wood to a suitable length to fit your fireplace.

Cut the pieces flat and square for easy wood-splitting. Any crooked piece will be hard to chop and may cause injuries when doing the task. 

2. Prepare a sturdy chopping block

Get a sturdy chopping block ready. Most loggers use a tree trunk as their chopping block. To avoid dangerous recoils, it is essential that the chopping block is the right height. Six inches off the ground is ideal when it comes to chopping blocks.

Splitting the wood on the ground will tire you out faster and may cause back pain because you will have to lift the maul higher for every swing.

3. Safety first

Felling and chopping wood involve some risk. Do all you can to prevent accidents by wearing protective gear like leather gloves, eye protection, boots, and helmets, whether you’re in your backyard or out in a small forest.

Make sure that the area where you want to split wood is not slippery. There should be no hanging debris that could entangle your splitting maul or ax.

If possible, get some help and have a partner to assist you in the wood-chopping task as he or she can assist you if something goes wrong.

How to Use a Splitting Maul

Splitting wood using a maul is a simple process. These steps below that detail how to use a splitting maul will increase your chances of success in processing firewood:

1. Place the wood at the center of the chopping block

Place the wood in the middle of the chopping block and make sure that it is stable and level. Again, splitting wood on a shaky block will make it easy to hit your target and can cause serious accidents.

2. Examine the wood thoroughly

Look for hairline cracks, and then aim in the direction of these cracks so that the wood splits easily. Different woods cut differently, so have a splitting strategy in mind before you begin. For example, oak breaks in the center while maple comes apart at the end grains. Take time to do a little research on the wood you’ll be cutting before you begin.

3. Take aim

Once you have determined where you want to split the wood, stand and rest your maul in that area. Make an indentation as a guide before you start chopping. You can also use a splitting wedge to make sure that you'll hit the target and make it easier to split the wood.

4. Chop the wood

Hold the maul with your weaker hand gripping the end of the hickory handle or fiberglass handle. Place your strong hand just above the other in a comfortable but secure grip. Slightly bend your knees and swing the maul above your head, sliding your strong hand towards the weaker one with full force until you make contact with the wood. Repeat this until the wood you’re chopping splits in two or multiple pieces.

If you’re using a splitting wedge, hit that as your target to split the log instead of the log itself. You can also use a four-way splitting wedge to divide a log into four pieces in one strike, saving you energy and effort.

5. Splitting into smaller pieces

Chop the wood into smaller pieces that are about 6 to 8 inches. Place the chopped wood pieces in small stacks to aid in air circulation.

6. Repeat the process

Repeat the process until you have split and stacked all the wood that you need. Once finished, clean the splitting maul including the non-slip grip using soap and water. Dry it using a clean cloth, and then lightly oil the blade to prevent it from rusting. You’ll want to do the same cleaning process on a metal splitting wedge as well.

For further protection for you and your splitting maul, use a vegetable-tanned leather axe sheath and store it somewhere where no children can reach it. 

Final Thoughts on the Best Splitting Maul

A splitting maul is a must have product for many outdoor activities. These products are great for splitting logs, cutting wood, and busting blocks. Each product can be taken with you for easy transport. It is a great product to have available when camping, hiking, removing brush, and splitting wood. We definitely recommend owning one!

If you are wanting to buy a split maul but are not sure what type to get, each of these products suggested are top items that consumers are purchasing for their wood needs. They have also made our list because as are they are all constructed in a way that provides balance with every powerhouse splitting action, you’re less likely to hurt your back when using one.

If you are ready to begin your wood chopping projects, review one of these items to determine which one would work best for your outdoor wood splitting needs.

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