10 of The Best Tent Stakes of 2019 – Buying Guide and Reviews

Outdoorsmen often learn from their experiences and mistakes of various camping expeditions, often leading to wasted time and a less enjoyable trip. Fortunately, you do not have to experience those same mistakes by simply doing your research on great products ahead of time.

A quality tent stake or a tent peg is a spike built with a hole or a hook on the top end. Tent stakes are usually made from choice material like wood, metal, plastic, or composite material. The stakes are driven or pushed into the ground to hold a tent to the ground. The pegs are either directly attached to the tent's material, or by tying ropes are attached to the tent. 

Various Types of Tent Stakes to Choose from

There are a ton of tent stake options to choose from. The reason you may want to consider buying tent stakes separate from the ones that come with the tent you purchased (these are called factory stakes), is because they do not tend to hold very well. Most people do not think about this when buying a tent, but over time, these stakes prove to be flimsy.

You can typically camp a few times, but these stakes will likely end up bending sooner rather than later. The quality is usually thin and not strong enough to keep the stakes in the ground as well as stay intact with all the wind and other natural impacts. If you are an experienced camper, you will want to buy good quality tent pegs to reuse as much as you want. Camping without worrying about your trip ending too short because the factory stakes bent or broke, and now you’re stuck with a flyaway tent and broken dreams, is important.

This article is about finding the tent stakes that will last. Later on, we will be covering the best of the best on the market today. We will also take you through all the qualities to look for when purchasing tent stakes. But before we get to these things, let’s walk through the different types of tent stakes so you can better assess your options.

These tent stake options will be of no use to you if you don’t know the various types of stakes out there, and their unique strengths and applications! Most people are not well educated in all the different types there are, and you may be shocked to find out just how many varieties exist. This will inform your ultimate purchase decision!

Shepherd Hook Stakes

Shepherd Hook Stakes are typically ultralight. They have a rounded tip which looks exactly like a shepherd's staff. This means backpackers and campers won't have to worry about the stake puncturing their backpack. Shepherd hook stakes are sturdy and easier to push into the ground because they typically have a tip covering. One of the best features about this build and shape is that you will not risk hurting your hand or foot while pushing them into the ground. Shepherd hook stakes are thin and classic in nature, making them one of the most highly rated stakes on the market.


V-Stakes are uniquely known for their peculiar shape, which is made specifically so that they can go into the ground and stay in it. Be careful not to hurt yourself with the pointy tip while pushing them into the ground!


Y-Stakes are mainly chosen for their three-sided design, which is made to go into a ton of terrain types. They are so good at keeping your tent in a place that it is difficult to pull them out!

Hook Stakes

Hook Stakes are some of the cheapest you can find on the market. They are mainly for ground that is less sturdy, but not as soft as sand or snow. Hook stakes bend easily, so these may not be the longest lasting option. But thankfully they are inexpensive to replace! These are great stakes to purchase if you cannot afford the investment of high quality at the moment, or if you need to get some cheaper stakes for a last minute trip.

Snow Stakes

Snow Stakes are for the adventurous types! If you are camping in the winter (as some avid campers will brave the weather for), then you will need these specific stakes. These are a financial investment because they are extra durable and unique in build, in order to accommodate the weather. They will not go into ice (at least not without bending), so make sure you are only pushing these stakes into soft snow.

Nail Stakes

Nail Stakes were created for large tents. If you are taking a camping trip with your entire extended family or a large group of friends, you may have a large tent. That's is where these stakes come in. They are the definition of heavy-duty tent stakes, and they go into the ground with a hammer, which is no surprise considering their name. They are heavy, large, and no fun to carry a long way. But they get the job done and make sure your tent stays in place all night long!

Sand Stakes

Sand Stakes have anchors, which are the way to go for this type of terrain. These work much better than pegs on soft ground because they are built to use the loose material as an advantage. Basically, for softer ground, you want a hard, straight nail. For sand and softer soil, you want equipment that grips the movable ground. The loops that are attached to these anchors do just that. Similar to the stakes that are good for snow, these are expensive. It is an investment to get special stakes, but well worth it if this means camping on the beach!

How to Find the Best Ultralight Tent Stakes

There are incredible benefits in purchasing Ultralight tent stakes. These stakes are the lightest out there, as well as some of the most durable. This pair of features is desirable for the camper and backpacker. The lighter the load, the better!

Ultralight tent stakes are up and coming in the camping industry. They are gaining popularity among campers and backpackers as we realize these allow for a lighter load which is essential, considering tent stakes tend to be one of the largest and heaviest items you will carry. They are the minimalist option, but they don’t just make your excursion simpler. They last longer too.

When finding the best ultralight tent stakes, there are a few materials to consider that are far above the rest in quality:

  1. Copper. Copper lightweight and durable. It is also a nice metal, color wise.
  2. Aluminum. This material is strong. Did you know the strength-to-weight ratio is the highest of any metal? It is also lightweight.
  3. Titanium. This metal is a cheaper material. It is lightweight, strong, and durable. Titanium is a material that will last.

Some things to consider when trying to find the best ultralight tent stakes:

Ultralight Freestanding Tents

These types of tents don’t rely heavily on stakes to stand up, which takes the pressure off of the stakes. You can purchase ultralight stakes to keep it in place better, but there isn't a critical need. Furthermore, these tents can stand on any type of terrain as well as stand up against all weather conditions because they come with poles that are the model of a tent. The setup is quick and easy because they don’t require a ton of work with putting poles in.

Ultralight Non-Freestanding Tent

These do require the extra support of the stakes because they do not come with poles already in place. You will have to carry the additional poles, but this will not be hard to do if you find light ones. This tent itself is light and small as well as cheaper since you need to purchase your poles separately.

The reason freestanding vs. non-freestanding tents matter is because they will determine the quality and durability of the ultralight tent stakes you buy. Though all of these stakes are durable and lightweight, they are not all created equal. Quality comes with money, and the type of tent you purchase may significantly impact your decision.

Review of The Best Tent Stakes

When it comes to camping, there are many variables that can change, however, one thing that you can make sure to have a hold of is your tent. That is why tent stakes are an important addition to your camping gear, and an item you will want to meet your specific needs. What are the best tent stakes out on the market today? Let’s find out.

1. The Unbeatable: TNH Outdoors 10X Aluminum Tri-Beam Tent Stakes

The TNH aluminum tent stakes are our top pick for their specific design, durability, and quality guarantee. Many users witness the superior performance of the TNH stakes and can’t help but share the amazing results. When most tent stake users are used to a struggle to get their stakes into hard surfaces, the TNH tent stakes easily anchor without a break or bend.

TNH is a well-known and trusted brand among many outdoor enthusiasts. Even so, the cost of the tent stakes is reasonable, especially when factoring in how long the stakes last.

First, the design of the TNH tent stake stands out from the crowd. It may seem similar in appearance from other tent stakes, but there are slight variations that make all the difference. TNH tests and develops their products, so you receive gear with reflected on and improved designs. Over time the design of the stakes is adapted to better fit the outdoorsman’s needs.

For example, many tent stakes have a simple anchor spot to connect to a guyline or your gear. Instead of a basic slanted anchor spot, the TNH tent stakes have a small hook. The hook ensures a more reliable way to fasten on an object and promote a more efficient anchor. If you accidentally order the wrong size stake or your guy line does not fit securely in the hook, TNH allows returns and replacements.

Though ideal for softer soil, the TNH hook stakes hold their own in rocky surfaces. Due to the V shape design and strong materials, there are no broken or bent stakes at the end of the day, or trip. There are two sizes available for order, the 7” regular size and the 11.8” XL size. All the TNH stakes are made from 7075 grade aluminum allowing them to be lightweight and durable.

The weight of a single stake is about 14 grams. The ten stakes come in at around .26lbs altogether. Their length, weight, and V-shaped design is a recipe which works well in all types of terrain, including sand. A small drawstring bag comes with the stakes to keep them all together and makes the TNH stakes even easier to travel with. The red color covers the bag and the stakes, causing them to be hard to lose whether you’re looking in your pile of gear or on the ground.

We can’t find anything wrong with these stakes. However, if you find they are not the best fit for you, the TNH brand offers a customer satisfaction guarantee. TNH values their customers and makes sure their products work well for you. The company is also committed to reducing waste as a low impact brand. There’s really nothing to lose and a lot to gain with the TNH 10X Tent Stakes.

Chill Gorilla created a tent stake specific for backpackers and adventures needing a lightweight option. We picked this as one of our top tent stake review due to the combination of ultralight characteristics and affordability.

The brightly colored stakes use 7001 aluminum alloy, allowing them to be durable and bend resistant while still weighing only 16 grams per stake. The 7” long and .5” wide size of the stakes makes them easy to store.

Backpackers benefit from the size and weight of the stakes since they can fit well into their packs without wasting precious space or weight. Even though they are built strong, the stakes are recommended for securing lighter weight items such as backpacking tents, tarps, and hammock accessories.

These lightweight tent pegs have three anchor points on each stake to support the connection of your tent, tarp, hammock accessories, and any other items you need anchoring to the ground. The tri-beam design of the stakes allows more efficient glide into most surfaces. Once in the ground, the stake’s tri-beams hold their place well.

Chill Gorilla considered everything backpackers might encounter when designing these stakes. The red color of the aluminum tent stakes makes them easy to spot on any terrain. The aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant, so no need to worry about getting these stakes wet. Their 25 cm reflective cords make them even more visible at night. In addition, the cord also allows easier removal of the stakes when you are ready to pack up.

Proudly based in the U.S., the Chill Gorilla company proudly offers a hassle-free warranty and maintains a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

The SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes are a well-known and versatile option for basic anchoring needs. These quality metal tent stakes are best used when you know the camping location will have compacted soil or hard ground.

There are specific strengths that the Galvanized Steel Pegs offer. Steel is a strong and reliable material to use for pounding and anchoring to the ground. Because the states are made with galvanized steel, they are protected from rusting. These, however, are not a lightweight option coming in at about 10 grams per stake. When you buy steel stakes you are paying for durability, knowing you will add a little more weight to your pack, but also some piece of mind.

The 13.5” long stakes are topped off with a Green Stopper. The green color does not stand out against the ground, but it is useful in other ways. The 2” PVC green topper includes a small hook, eyelet for a rope string, and is durable enough to take a beating from a mallet without being crunched like an aluminum foil.

Some users noticed that you must be careful when driving the stake into the ground with a mallet. It is best to strike primarily on the large head of the steel stakes using a rubber mallet. If you do not hit green topper square in the middle, there is a chance the topper will break. It is an option to avoid possible breaks by sliding the topper down while hammering the stake into the ground. If you do not have a mallet, a large object such as a rock will make do.

The design of the square peg can be helpful if you do not have a guyline. The peg can be placed right through an anchoring hole on your tent or tarp. The topper makes it possible to hold down lighter items as well such as gardening material. The straight tent pegs can slide around in the sand and sandy soil. They are best used in clay and compacted ground.

The SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Tent Stakes is a good choice if you are looking for a type of long nail to work in the forest or desert.

The SR GroundHog Stake Kit is another superior lightweight tent stake option. Coming in at only 13 grams per stake, this product is even lighter than the Chill Gorilla 10X Tent Stakes. However, the SR GroundHog Stake Kit comes right after the Chill Gorilla Tent Stakes due to having only one anchor point, encountering some struggles in hard or frozen ground, and being a more expensive option.

Don’t completely write these stakes off yet though, they have important features to mention.

These stakes have reasons to invest in the kit. For example, the stakes are designed with a three-sided Y-beam which allows for easy entry into the earth or hard pack ground. The stakes are also made of 7000-series aluminum making them extremely lightweight, portable, and smooth to work with when placed into the ground. Their red color makes them stand out contrasting against the ground. A reflective pull loop aids in the removal of the stakes and makes them more visible at night. The 7.5-inch tent stakes have one anchor point, which is ideal for guy lines but can work for many different anchoring needs.

Even though this product is titled“Ground Hog Stake Kit” it is listing the stakes as they come. Do not be surprised when you order these stakes, and all you receive is the pegs with no other accessories. There are tent stake bags you can buy to keep the stakes together, but those accessories are an additional cost on top of the already fairly expensive stakes. A cheaper option is to use a simple rubber band to prevent losing any of the stakes while traveling.

The SR GroundHog Stake Kit has a reputation for powerfully digging into the ground and not budging. In fact, many users found that these stakes can even find themselves lodged into items like rocks and tree roots. Getting the stakes out of such locations can be difficult. It is possible to even break the stakes if you’re not careful when pulling them out of tight spots or frozen ground.

Nevertheless, the stakes will effectively hold your objects down without question. No need to worry about windy or location where you need an anchor, GroundHog Stakes have you covered, or should we say buried.

The four pack of small Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchors are perfect for camping on sandy or wet grounds. The screw design allows for a no-stress setup to your tent, umbrella at the beach, large canopy, and anything else you need to be anchored down in your lawn or softer terrains.

While the fully recycled flexible Polycarbonate plastic makes the Orange Screw is tough, it is the screw design that makes them stand out from the crowd. You will not need to bring your rubber mallet along when you have these stakes.

As you can see, these quality stakes can easily be screwed into the ground for a tight anchor. If you find the ground to be too hard to screw into, the four-screw set comes with a “drive tool.” The drive tool fits into the eyelet at the top of the screw and allows you to turn the stake with more power, subsequently making your drilling easier. Another option is to wet the soil slightly which will help the screw to glide down into the soil without very much effort. These can also be used as tent stakes for sand.

The 9.5” long screw drives deep down into the sand, soil, and snow. The eye at the top of the stake is about 1 inch wide giving you plenty of space to hook many items to the stake. The design has an open hook for guylines. The top is large enough to screw into an anchoring hole tent or tarp and hold it down, as long as the hole is at least 7/8” in diameter. The bright orange color is a good choice to help the stakes stand out on the ground. With all said and done, the Orange Screw is a versatile and low maintenance option for many different camping needs.

At roughly 51 grams or 1.8 oz per small sized stake, these anchors will not be a good option if you are trying to pack light. If you can get past their heavier weight, you will have yourself an almost indestructible stake.

The family-owned Orange Screw Company produces its screws in the USA with 100% recycled materials. The stakes come with a warranty protecting the Orange Screws from manufacture defects. The warranty lasts the lifetime of the product.

6. The “Hole” Package: ABCCANOPY Outdoor Tent Stakes

Designed by a company that knows how to put up and hold down large tents, comes a stake that can effectually do its job and then some.

The ABBCANOPY 10 pieces Galvanized Non-rust stakes are extremely strong. The 10” steel rod can anchor and hold on the windiest days. The galvanized steel protects against corrosion to last through many adventures. The rods are designed with a milled point for easy insertion into the hardest terrain. The only thing you may have to worry about these ground stakes with hook is making sure your gear can handle the hold in extreme weather.

You certainly do not have to worry about these stakes bending. Feel free to hammer away and they will not be crunched by the force of the hammer, just be careful on the plastic orange toppers. Unfortunately, these toppers are not as indestructible as the stake itself. In the process, the plastic toppers can break with too much force either putting the stake into the ground or pulling it out.

Some users struggled to get the stakes out of the ground because the anchor was so secure. A solution to this issue is to wrap the anchoring rope or guyline around the steel rod before anchoring to the eyelet on the stakes topper. Knowing in advance how strong these stakes are will help you appreciate and use them even more.

The hook stakes also stand out from the rest because they come with a replacement head and an extra line. These additional accessories are great products to have just in case. The stakes alone are affordable, but the kit becomes an even better value with the accessories included.

Coming in at 2.75 lbs for the whole set these tent stakes are not a great option if you are wanting a lightweight anchor. However, if you are looking to hold down large tents and canopies, you most likely won’t notice the little extra weight the stakes add to your gear.

The ABBCANOPY stakes are your go to for large tents, canopies, and many other heavy-duty jobs. Their value and accessories would be a good purchase to have around for all sorts of tasks.

The 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs are a great value for lightweight stakes that do the job. Most users are happy with their appearance, packaging, and size. These stakes work best when they are not hammered and are instead used in the ground that is not too rigid.

At 14 grams per stake, these pegs will not add extra weight to your pack. The 12 pack set weighs about .4 lbs and comes packaged nicely with a carrying bag. They come in a variety of bright and reflective colors. This option is great to help you identify the stakes on the ground and avoid running into them.

The 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes have a tri-sided design which helps them an anchor to the ground. The top of each side has an anchor point. Having the anchor points on each side of the stake helps get the right angle when attaching the stake to a guyline or rope. The pull rope at the top of the stake offers easy removal of the stakes from the ground.

The All One Tech Pack of 12, 7075 Aluminum Outdoors Tent Stakes Pegs are a great value for your money. With so many in the pack and all of them being lightweight, you can stand to bend or break a few.

The high strength aluminum will secure an anchor well, but when saving on weight, these stakes can bend when hammered to heavily into the tough ground. The 7” long stakes work well in the ground that one can simply push the three-sided beam into the soil with their boot. Once in the softer ground, they hold well in a variety of weather.

8. The Bright and Ultralight: KUNGIX Tent Stakes Pegs

KUNGIX Tent Stakes Peg shave unique combination of being ultralight and very long. The stakes are ideal for backpackers needing a lightweight option for a tent stake which will be easy to secure to soft ground.

The value of these stakes is somewhat unbelievable, though it is important to know their strengths and weaknesses before you decide to order them for your next adventure.

The 7" Aluminum Alloy holds the integrity of the stake’s shape, while only adding 13 grams per stake to your pack. Being longer than most lightweight stakes makes the KUNGIX Tent Stakes perfect for softer or sandier oil. The 7 inches will anchor further into the ground for a more reliable hold.

On the contrary, many users had difficulty driving these long stakes into harder terrains. Their tri-sided design helps in inserting the stakes. The problems mainly arise when a rubber mallet had to be used on the stakes. Each tri-side has a grove for an anchor point. This groove, however, proved to be a weak spot on the anchor and leading to bends if forced too hard.

These stakes come in a variety of vibrant colors allowing you to custom select your favorite shade. A small reflective rope tops off the KUNGIX stakes to add to their visibility in the ground. This 10-Piece set is remarkably affordable. While they are not the most durable option, they are a good choice for backpackers who need bright, ultralight stakes for their trip over sandy or soft soil.

The Eurmax tent stake is very similar in appearance, materials, and size to The SE 9NRC10 Galvanized Non-Rust Tent Stakes. Before you ask why these stakes are lower on the list, there are a few important differences worth mentioning.

The Eurmax tent stake is not as popular as The SE 9NRC10. Popularity does not mean it is any less quality. However, when items are less popular, it means fewer people had the chance to experience the stakes for themselves.

These tent stakes are slightly more expensive than The SE 9NRC10. When comparing prices, it is important to note that the length of these stakes is substantial. The Eurmax stake is slightly longer, having a length of 11”. If you are looking for an 11” stake, the Eurmaz tent stake is not a bad deal. The stakes also come with an extra green topper and 4X10ft ropes which brings the value of the setup.

Both tent stakes are just as strong and reliable. Galvanized steel is a go-to material for a strong hold that won’t corrode over time. You certainly will not be saving weight on these stakes, but they are less likely to bend compared to their lighter weight cousins. The design of the stakes allows a larger head for hammering with a mallet.

As you can see these tent stakes are just slightly less of a buy than the SE 9NRC10, but with so many other options, it is important to get the most for your money. Ultimately, if you are looking for an extra-long tent stake that will offer a good hold, the Eurmax Camping Family Tent Pop Up Canopy Stakes is for you.

Cosmos® Tent Stakes are your go-to design for camping on sand or snow. Their lightweight material makes them an easy addition to your camping trip, while their large size provides a strong anchor in the softer terrains.

The stakes have six holes to ensure easy setup. The holes also allow for rigging unique lengths and shapes. The larger holes are .4 inches in diameter, which gives plenty of room for your guyline as well. They come in a bright orange color so they can easily be seen in the sand or snow. The six pack of stakes also come with a velcro strap which can clasp the stakes together for easy storage.

The Cosmos has a 12” large “U” style design. The width of the “U” is 1.38 inches, giving a strong foundational hold for your gear. These stakes anchor well into the sandy ground because of their size. You won’t have to worry about your tent or canopies blowing away on windy beach days.

Be careful if you are using a mallet on these stakes though, as their aluminum material is thin and can bend when too much pressure is applied. Though not an ultra-light option due to size, the aluminum is still light enough to use while backpacking.

If you know you are specifically camping in snow or sand, then a reliable stake for your trip are these Cosmos stakes. The stakes are a great option to keep with your camping gear just in case you end up on soil that is different than what you expected. If your camping site turns out to be in sandy soil, just two or three of the Cosmos stakes will help secure your gear if harsh weather hits.

Things to Consider Before Buying Heavy Duty Tent Stakes

Tent stakes are not all the same. To pin down the right tent stakes for you, there are a few key characteristics to take into consideration for extensive review.

First, from holding down your heavier gear to weighing you down, the mass of your tent stakes can play a crucial role in your journey. The material and durability of the stakes can also literally make or “break” your trip.

Lastly, the design of the tent stakes decides what other tools you will need to pack. Choosing the right weight, material, and design of your tent stakes will promote the success of your trip. 

This guide will help you choose the best tent stakes for your next adventure.


If you are planning a backpacking trip, you know that weight is everything when packing your gear! Every item in your backpack adds up to what you will eventually need to carry as you travel.

You can find various ways to reduce your pack’s weight, including your tent stakes. Several companies offer ultra-light tent stakes that weight about 13 grams, about the same weight as an AAA battery. As we have previously explored, the ultra-light options are ideal for backpackers who want to conserve what they carry.

On the contrary, if you plan on anchoring a large piece of gear, you will most likely need a stronger and denser tent stake. When comparing tent states, you can find a variety of different weights. Campers benefit from taking the weight into consideration before they choose to buy specific stakes.

Material and Durability

The location of your adventure ultimately decides what material you need in a tent stake.

However, when purchasing outdoor gear, a durable product which lasts through many trips is what you want. So, when choosing the right tent stake for you, take into consideration where you normally tend to camp and the type of gear you need to anchor down.

If you usually camp on hard compacted soil, such as an area that receives less rainfall, then you will want a stake that can hold up when being hammered into the ground. The stakes known to handle a beating are mainly composed of steel.

On the other hand, if you know you are camping on softer, sandier soil, aluminum is most likely the material you will want in a tent stake. 

We have talked about common ultralight stake materials, but now we will go more in depth about all common tent stake materials. Below are the most common materials for tent stakes, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Steel: Steel is a go-to material and primary choice for stakes that will need to be able to stay in the tough ground for a longer period. If you are planning a camping trip where you know you will want your tent anchored for days, then steel is a good option for you.
  • Aluminum: Found in the ultra-light tent stake options, aluminum is the lightweight champion for being durable while extremely portable. The specific tent stakes that use aluminum or aluminum combinations are designed to be easy to place into the ground. Because they are so lightweight, they do tend to bend or break if too much force is applied while inserting them into rocky or hard terrains. These stakes are great options to use in softer soils
  • Titanium: As you might assume, the Titanium tent stakes are another ultra-lightweight option. Titanium stakes can be just as light or even lighter than aluminum stakes. However, with titanium, you usually are getting very thin stakes that can easily bend. If you are looking for a stake that weighs only 7 grams to hold down tarps in soft soil, titanium might be the way for you to go.
  • Plastic: Plastic may seem like an undesired material for tent stakes in comparison to the other more advanced options, however, there are assets to plastic tent states. Plastic is a decently lightweight option, which can take form in unique designs for various needs. With plastic stake designs, you don’t always have to bring along a mallet because the form of some plastic stakes creates an easy entry into the ground. Don’t completely write off this option when you are choosing the right stake for you.

Design and Shape​

Different terrains call for different designs to help you efficiently place your stake securely into the ground. Each of the reviews will explain what situations the designs aid you on your adventure.

Check out the reviews we’ve presented to help you decide what type of tent stakes will fit your requirements.

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