10 of The Best Wheeled Coolers of 2018 – Buying Guide & Review

10 of The Best Wheeled Coolers of 2018 – Buying Guide & Review

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If you frequently camp, tailgate, go to concerts, picnics or other outdoor activities, you likely take a cooler along with you. If you're tired of lugging a heavy cooler with you every where you go, there is a better way. Consider how much easier it would be to simply pull up a handle and roll your cooler from one place to another.

We've designed a guide to show you what to look for in a wheeled cooler. In addition, you'll find reviews of the best coolers that are currently available on the market.

Considerations Before Buying

Wheeled coolers are an investment and it's important to get the right one the first time. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and models. Of course you want to get the best product that is within your budget, if you've set one.

The best wheeled cooler will be the one that most closely meets your needs, and offers the greatest convenience. Here are some things to consider before buying

  • ​Exterior dimensions: First, you'll need to determine the size of space that you will be transporting the cooler in. It may be a car trunk, backseat or the back of a truck. Measure the space so you'll know the largest size cooler that will still fit inside this area. Next, when looking at the exterior dimensions of the cooler, also make allowances for any accessories that protrude from the basic unit. These include handles, wheels and possibly other hardware.
  • ​Handle height and style: One of the most convenient and common handle styles for wheeled coolers is a telescopic type. This means that it will be adjustable to suit people of different heights. If you are tall, then you may want to make sure that the handle is extra long so you don't end up crouching over just to pull it.
  • ​Wheel size: The size of the wheels could turn out to be a really big deal. If you plan to pull the cooler across uneven terrain or rocks/gravel, then it's best to go with the larger wheel size. Smaller wheels don't perform well across gravel and in general, they are more of a pain, unless you only use this feature on smooth and even surfaces.
  • ​Interior dimensions: Next, it's important to think about how big the inside of the cooler should be. Since we're all different, what works for one person may not for another. Make sure that it is large enough inside to hold the amount of food/beverages that you typically take along in the coolers you've previously used. if you found that they were too small, take it up a size for the sake of convenience. By paying attention to these four things, you will be one step closer to finding the wheeled cooler that is ideal for you.

Comparison Table of The Best Wheeled Coolers

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Best Wheeled Cooler Reviews

Our Rating:

Make transporting your cooler fast and easy with Coleman's flexible and versatile adjustable handle wheeled cooler.

Removable Hard Liner:

You get the dual benefits of a soft cooler with a removable hard liner for flexibility in carrying

Versatile handles:

This cooler comes equipped with an adjustable telescopic handle for pulling the cooler on its wheels for easier transport. In addition, two side handles are built-in to give you more carrying options for the times when pulling is not as convenient.

Easy To Clean and Hygienic:

The soft PEVA liner is permanent and flexible for greater cleaning ease. The lining features embedded antimicrobial properties for high resistance to mold, mildew and the development of odors. PEVA soft liner and removable hard liner meet requirements established by the FDA for safe food contact.

Durable Construction:

Medium sized durable wheels are made of strong plastic materials to hold up under the weight of the cooler when filled to capacity. Heat-welded seams prevent leaks in the flexible liner.

Additional storage:

This chest is designed with a front zippered pocket and side mesh pockets with lid bungees for optimal storage space and organization of smaller items.


  • Cooler holds up to 42 12 ounce beverage cans
  • Can use regular ice or ice substitutes for less moisture on the inside. The substitute keeps the contents dryer than using ice that begins melting within a few hours.
  • Handle is adjustable for all heights of people.
  • Nice storage room in this cooler
  • Wheels make this chest much easier to transfer with less work


  • This chest isn't easy to pull in the sand. The solution is to use side handles and carry over sandy areas.

Our Rating:

Enjoy the benefits of a cooler chest that keeps ice frozen for up to five days in this extra large capacity wheeled cooler by Igloo.

Two Handle Options:

Telescoping pull handle for wheeling the cooler across both smooth and rough terrains. Locking mechanism to set handle in ideal length adjustment. Molded handles located on the sides of cooler for lifting in and out of the transport vehicle for versatility in carrying options.

Easy Drain Feature:

Comes with built-in recessed drain plug to empty melted ice quickly and easily.

5 Day Cooling:

Keeps foods and beverages colder for longer than most 70 quart coolers than to the unique cube shape and the deep foam insulated lid.

Large Capacity Iinterior:

The interior of the cooler measures 18..6 x 23.5 x 20.3 inches with a capacity for holding 114 12 ounce sized cans as well as upright two-liter bottles with head room to spare.

Smooth Rolling Wheels:

Durable larger wheel design for moving across uneven or rocky ground with greater ease.


  • Does what it promises and keeps ice in chest and water from melt very cold for 5 days
  • Wheels make it very convenient to use and seem to be of good quality
  • Holds a lot of food and beverages compared to other chests.
  • Nice design.
  • Sturdy cooler that holds up well under a heavy load.
  • Telescoping handle is durable and comfortable to use. Like the side handles for taking in and out of the car.


  • If using regular ice vs ice substitute you'll need to put items in ziplock bags to keep them dry due to water from melted ice.

Our Rating:

Enjoy spacious room for your food and beverages with the Xtreme series wheeled cooler that saves your back and arms for more enjoyable activities. Simple pull handle and wheels make transporting from vehicle to destination fast and easy.

Heavy Duty Wheels:

Coleman's heavy duty wheels are constructed of extra durable plastic for smooth rolling that will hold up under the weight load of this cooler when filled to capacity.

Versatile Carrying Options:

Telescoping pull handle locks into place when the ideal length is reached. Molded side handles are handy for moving in and out of the vehicle, and carrying across unsuitable terrain for wheels.

Built-in Cup Holders:

Convenient built in cup holders give you a place to set your drinks when the work is done and you're relaxing. This makes the top of the cooler a double as a table top that gives you a secure place to hold beverages.

Insulated Lid:

The heavily insulated lid keeps the contents cold for up to five days when stored in areas of 90 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Ice melt is delayed and melted ice stays colder for longer.

50 Quart Capacity:

Room to store beverages and food items for extended trips.


  • Nice interior size just right for hauling beverages for a larger group into concert venues
  • Wheels seem durable and work well on smooth surfaces as well as some that are moderately uneven.
  • Side handles are useful for carrying in and out of car as well as transporting cooler through sandy parts of the beachfront.
  • Keeps contents nice and cold for several days
  • Drink holders are a nice touch
  • Very convenient


  • Wheels are not large enough to perform well in sand or gravel. The best option is to use the side handles in more challenging terrain.

Our Rating:

Enjoy the space for all the food and beverages you need on your next camping trip or tailgate party with the Igloo Ice Cube Roller Cooler. No more hassle with the wheeled version of this popular size.

Ultratherm Insulation:

Utratherm insulation is applied through the body to keep the contents of this cooler cold for longer

Durable Wheels:

Wheels are made of durable materials that are designed to hold up under a heavy load and repeated use as recommended.

Versatile Tow Handle:

Telescopic tow handle locks and unlocks at the push of a button for the ultimate in safety and convenience.

Molded Side Handles:

Side handles molded into the body of the cooler so they won't break or loosen. Great for moving in and out of vehicle or for use when terrain will not allow the use of wheels.

60 Quart Capacity:

Large capacity size for carrying the necessary food and beverage items in one convenient place.


  • Wheels work very well on most terrains, with the exception of sand or pea gravel
  • Very easy to pull and the adjustable handle is a benefit for anyone who is a little taller
  • Cooler works great and keeps food cold. Ice doesn't melt as fast as with some other coolers
  • Great cooler to use for outdoor concerts and sporting events.
  • Very well constructed cooler, handles and wheels.


  • The lid pops off a little too easily, but bungees (not included) hold it in place better.

Our Rating:

Just because your cooler is small, doesn't mean it is light to carry. Avoid the strain of carrying a small cooler that is weighed down with heavy ice and beverages with the Coleman 16 Quart personal wheeled cooler.

Durable materials:

This wheeled cooler is made in the USA of the highest quality Polyethylene materials. It is built to hold up under its recommended use.

Telescoping Handle:

The inclusion of a telescoping handle makes it easy to carry this personal sized cooler with just a tug of the tow handle. The wheels follow along smoothly so you don't have to bear the weight of a heavy cooler when filled to capacity

Large capacity:

Although the size of this cooler is among the smaller models, it features plenty of room to hold up to 22 12 ounce cans.

Extra Height:

This cooler is designed to fit 2-liter bottles in the upright position inside. It was built with extra head space specifically for this purpose due to the high number of users who prefer bottles to cans.

Smooth Rolling Wheels:

The wheels are made to roll smoothly across a variety of different surfaces. They are recessed for even more convenience.


  • The wheels and tow handle make it easier to transport his cooler from one place to another.
  • Quality materials used to built this cooler and it holds up very well under repeated use.
  • Convenient size for a 2 day camping trip
  • Wheels make it a good choice for taking along to outdoor sports events.
  • keeps the contents on the inside cool all day


  • The handle doesn't have a mechanism for locking in place, but still works fine.

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Our Rating:

Convenient and easy pull handle for taking with you on day trips to a game or for fishing, hunting, camping for over a week. The Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler is versatile for a variety of trips and occasions.

Integrated Fish Scale:

The Integrated fish scale lets you assess your latest catch, making this the perfect cooler for fishing trips.

Polyurethane Insulation:

High quality polyurethane insulation is combined with a freezer grade gasket to keep foods and beverages cold for up to ten days.

Press and Pull Latches:

The Press and Pull function latches keep the cooler securely closed to prevent accidental spilling of the contents. They're easy to release when you need to get into the cooler, and latch again with ease to protect the food inside and retain the coldness for longer. No more poorly closing lids to contend with. A molded in hasp and lock secures the lid even more firmly to ensure that the lid stays closed.

Heavy duty wheels:

Wheels are made with heavy duty materials that are resistant to impact and damage when used as recommended. Also included are non-marking raised feet to protect floors when applicable.

Versatile Transport Options:

This cooler features a handy trolley handle that is adjustable for use to pull wheeled cooler. Handy molded in handles are also included for lifting in and out of vehicle.


  • This wheeled cooler is packed with additional bonus features including bottle opener and fish scale
  • The threaded plug with a garden hose attachment makes it very easy to clean and drain this large sized cooler.
  • Very convenient
  • Wheels are very efficient and they do well over rougher terrain
  • Cooler is a good value for the cost, although a little high, few have so many benefits and advanced features
  • Sturdy construction and quality cooler that holds up under heavy use


  • Some users report that the cooler only held ice for 3 days. It must be kept in the shade and under 90 degrees outdoors to hold ice for up to 10 days. Weather conditions impact the duration of coldness maintained.

Our Rating:

Coleman's large portable cooler with extra room for larger groups or for extended stays at your favorite fishing, hunting or camping site.

Extra large capacity cooler:

The 120 quart cooler has the capacity to hold up to 204 12 ounce cans. Suitable for parties, outdoor excursions, hunting, fishing or community events.

Xtreme 5 Technology:

The Xtreme 5 Technology maintains ice in cooler for up to five days in temperatures that reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Easy to Clean and Hygienic:

The addition of an antimicrobial delays the growth of bacteria that causes odors. A UV inhibitor makes the cooler resistant to UV rays and yellowing.

Two tranport options:

A handy tow handle is included for more comfortable pulling of the heavy ice chest when filled to capacity. Two side handles are provided for lifting in and out of vehicle.

Durable, Efficient wheels

The wheels are made of high quality strong materials and are designed for use in all terrains to make pulling easy wherever you go.


  • Very large size that is so convenient for long trips
  • Keeps contents cold as advertised
  • Quality product that holds up great under heavy use
  • Wheels work as advertised, even do decently over larger sized gravel
  • Convenient size for large groups and does the job perfectly


  • Some packaged ordered came with damaged boxes. Issue with shipping so inspect your package before using and report and damage to the manufacturer or the shipper immediately.

Our Rating:

Igloo Glide PrO Cooler is a priceless asset for community groups and private parties. Stores a week's worth of food and beverages or more and keeps them cool for up to 5 days.

Quality materials and construction:

High grade Polyethylene materials make this cooler durable and rugged enough to carry extreme weight loads with grace.

Extended cooling capacity:

Ultratherm insulation in the lid and body keep ice for up to five days when cooler is stored in temperatures 90degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Oversized Sport Rally Wheels:

Large wheels make pulling this large sized cooler even easier. The large size helps the wheels to operate more efficiently on all terrains.

Two Transport Options:

The design of the transport system allows you to use the slide and lock telescoping handle to pull the wheeled cooler easily to its destination. Lift in and out of vehicles with the handy side handles for two transport options

Attractive Rugged Styling:

Rugged features in an attractive style make this 110 quart ice chest in white something that you can be proud to show off to everyone in camp.


  • Wheels work very well, thanks to larger size. An improvement over many others
  • Keeps ice for several days and food inside is cold for even longer after ice melt
  • Good quality and well built cooler. It holds up well in rugged conditions
  • Large ice chest that's easy to move for community events
  • Convenient cooler that does what it promises


  • Ice substitute is a preferred method over regular ice because using plain ice, the contents get wet and soggy unless you use ziplock baggies for everything

Our Rating:

The Rubbermaid Extreme is a convenient way to move your cooler from one point to another with a minimum of hassle and effort. Dependable performance suitable for camping, hunting, fishing, tailgating, concerts or any other outdoor or indoor venues requiring food and beverage storage.

Large Storage Capacity:

Store up to 130 12 ounce cans and 20 ounce bottles in the large capacity interior that holds up to 75 quarts.

Durable easy rolling wheels:

The wheels are made of durable materials so they will hold up under the full capacity load of this cooler.The large size allows wheels to roll more easily over uneven or rough terrain as well as smoother surfaces.

Two ways to transport:

The extended tow handle allows you to easily pull the wheeled cooler to its destination point. Two side swing handles make it easier to lift the cooler in and out of a vehicle.

Built-in Cup Holders:

Two cup holders are built into the top of the lid for a convenient place to set your 12 ounce can or 20 ounce bottle with spill proof security of a molded holder .

Extra Thick insulation:

Extra thick insulation materials are placed in the walls of the cooler to help keep ice for up to five days when cooler is located in an area that is 90 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler.


  • Very easy to pull with the tow handle
  • The cup holders are convenient to use when there isn't a table handy
  • Keeps contents cool as promised
  • Wheels are high quality and roll very easily, even when the surface is a little rocky
  • Well-built cooler for the money


  • Some units come with loose hinges on delivery. Contact customer service for immediate assistance

Our Rating:

Enjoy quality and convenience of a wheeled cooler, available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet your size and space needs.

Multiple Capacity Choices:

This model comes in a variety of different size choices from 28 quarts on the small end up to 162 quart capacity for the largest size.

Two Transport Options:

Use the convenient side handles to life the cooler in and out of vehicles, and the locking telescopic handle with gear hangers to pull the wheeled cooler quickly and easily to its destination point.

Lockable Lid:

The Lockable Lid or Tie down loops feature options allow for securing the ice chest lid from accidental spills or invasion by predatory animals.

Non Marking Soft Side Rally Wheels:

Whether you're pulling the cooler on the grass or over the marble floors of a cathedral, it won't mar delicate flooring materials thanks to the soft side rally wheels.

Four Self Draining Cup Holders:

The 4 self draining cup holders are a perfect addition for tailgaters, outdoor concert goers and campers. Keep your beverages secure while freeing your hands with this convenient additional storage area.


  • The wheels make it easy to pull the cooler
  • Beverage holders are a nice bonus when there isn't a table nearby
  • Sturdy cooler that does its job
  • Attractive and stylish appearance, yet rugged in looks and performance
  • Keeps food and beverages cool as advertised.


  • The lid does not have any insulation inside. This model depends upon air inside the molding to work in conjunction with the plastic as insulation.

Final Verdict

When you know what you need from a cooler, choosing the right one is less of a challenge. We've offered 10 of the best wheeled coolers on the market today for your consideration.

Our choices were made because of the high quality and user reviews that place each cooler in our list as a member of the top ten. Quality and durability are important factors as well as the capacity, exterior size, handle length or wheel size. Durable products are made to last and they are less likely to fail you at the times you really need them.

We hope that our guide gave you a few pointers to help you refine your search for the best wheeled cooler for you. We could tell you which coolers we prefer, but since we are all individuals with different needs, our opinion may differ from yours.

We wish you the greatest success with your new wheeled cooler and invite you to further explore the most suitable choices from our reviews.

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