10 of The Best Windproof Lighters – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

10 of The Best Windproof Lighters of 2018 - Buyer's Guide and Reviews

Regular lighters may work well when you’re indoors, but outside, they often fail. When you try to light a campfire, they overheat and burn your fingers. If the wind is blowing, they refuse to ignite. The solution to this problem is to choose a windproof lighter. This type is highly dependable and will ignite under most weather conditions. We’ve put together a buying guide to help you find the best windproof lighters. You’ll find out what to look for before deciding.

What’s a Windproof Lighter? How it Differs from Regular Lighters?

A windproof lighter is a special type that is designed for efficiency and reliability. It is resistant to the wind because of a high pressure flame ignition. This prevents windy conditions from blowing out the spark, making it easy to light in any weather conditions. Regular lighters are not made with these features and they are more difficult to light, even when there is a slight breeze blowing outside. This is why windproof lighters are more dependable than the basic lighters.

Types of Windproof Lighters & Which Works Best with Winds or Storms

Windproof lighters come in fuel or electric types. The fuel type runs on lighter fluid, also called butane. The electric type of arc lighter runs off a coil that is rechargeable. Both types work well in winds and storms. One is not necessarily higher performing than the other. The best windproof lighter is the one that most closely meets your needs and suits your preferences. If you get caught in a rainstorm, a waterproof lighter is your best bet.

How Windproof Lighters are Helpful in Outdoor Activities

Backpackers, hikers, campers and outdoor grillers depend on their lighter to start fires or light the grill. Regular lighters are not designed for outdoor use. They usually do not ignite when there is air movement. Even in a light breeze, the spark goes out before it ignites the flame. Windproof lighters are designed for powerful ignition that makes it easier to light a fire, even when the weather is windy or stormy out.

Considerations Before Buying

Before making your final choice, think about where you will use the lighter.

Will there be wind, rain or snow? If there is going to be moisture, consider buying a windproof lighter that is also waterproof. These lighters also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Larger lighters may give you extra power but they may be heavy to carry in your pocket. Find the size that is right for you.

Do you prefer electronic or fuel? The electric lighters are more convenient because you don’t need to refill them with butane. The advantages of a fuel type lighter are that you can refill them with butane and won’t need to be near a power source to recharge.

Also think about the weight and the fuel capacity. Some windproof lighters are heavier than others. If you’re going to be out for several days, you may want to consider a fuel lighter with a larger fuel capacity or an electric lighter that has a higher charge storage capacity.

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Review of The Best Windproof Lighters

1. Tesla Coil Lighters – Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Our Rating:

Get the best performance from a single charge with the Tesla Coil lighter. It ignites in all weather conditions, even on the windiest days.

Arc Lighter:

Arc lighting technology for dependable ignition every time. Produces a strong flame that won’t go out in the wind. This lighter is a part of your essential backpacking/camping/hiking equipment.

Portable and lightweight.:

The small size of 3″ x 1.75 x 0.5″ makes it easy to carry the Arc lighter. It weighs just 3 ounces and is perfect for carrying in your pocket.


Say goodbye to messy refills with butane. No fuel is necessary with the USB rechargeable Arc lighter. Plug into a wall outlet or any device that has a USB port for fast and convenient recharging.

Single click ignition:

The Arc lighter is safe and easy to use. It ignites with the single click of a button.

Maximum charge capacity:

The Tesla Coil Lighter Arc Lighter provides you with dependable ignition that can last for up to one full week or between 100 and 300 uses on a single charge.

2. Saberlight 2-Pack Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter

Our Rating:

The Saberlight 2-pack delivers dependable ignition. It’s highly rated as one of the top windproof lighters for campers, backpackers and any type of outdoor use.

Plasma technology:

Saberlight Lighters are electric lighters that use plasma wave technology that is similar to that used in Star Wars. The plasma wave generates a flame that is hotter than fire or traditional lighters.


This is essential for camping, hiking or any outdoor activity. The windproof design is also splash-proof, making it among the best electric lighters for use in windy or stormy outdoor conditions.


No messy butane refilling is needed with the Saberlight Lighter. Simply plug it in to recharge the lithium ion cell for a single hour and it delivers over three hours of constant use on a single charge. It’s butane free and is eco-friendly.


There are no potentially harmful or dangerous chemicals to use with the Saberlight. It operates without the need for dangerous butane fuels.

3. Zippo Chrome Lighters

Our Rating:

Genuine Zippo brand is one of the top picks for people who demand quality and dependability. Zippo windproof lighters are essential equipment for hikers, campers, backpackers and outdoor grill enthusiasts.


The genuine Zippo lighter is windproof and suitable for use in all weather conditions. Get the dependable ignition you need to start barbecue grills, campfires and many other uses. Lights in light breezes or even strong winds.


The rugged all metal construction makes this lighter tough enough for outdoor use. It holds up under challenging conditions with reliable ignition every time.

American made:

Manufactured in the United States from high quality materials. Zippo lighters come with a lifetime guarantee. If it stops working, the company will fix it for no charge.


You won’t need to be near a charging source with this butane powered windproof lighter. Just refill as needed and you’re ready to go. Built for a lifetime of use when using the recommended Zippo premium wicks, flints and lighter fluid which are sold separately. This could be the last lighter you’ll ever buy.

4. Verdant Tesla Coil Electric Plasma USB Lighter

Our Rating:

Get dependable use from the Verdant Tesla Coil Electric Plasma USB Lighter in all weather conditions. The essential equipment that’s good for multiple uses.


The windproof design produces a strong arc that won’t blow out in windy conditions. This feature makes the Verdant Tesla Coil an essential for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Electric and Rechargeable:

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable electric lighter that doesn’t require you to refill with messy and potentially unsafe butane fluid. This lighter is easy too recharge and delivers between one and two hours of constant use from a single charge.


The Dual Arc lighter is the perfect device for lighting fires at the beach where the wind is usually blowing. It’s also good for lighting campfires in the mountains, candles, cigarettes and barbecue grills. When you need a dependable lighter that won’t go out in the wind, this is among the best windproof lighters on the market today.

Compact and lightweight:

The small size makes this lighter easy to carry in your pocket. It measures just 2.9″ x 1.3″ x 0.6″.

5. BOLT Lighter USB Rechargeable Windproof Coil Slim Lighter

Our Rating:

The Bolt lighter is packed with useful features that make it an essential for all smokers.

Electric coil:

The electric coil technology in this windproof lighter makes it easy to get the heat that is needed to light cigarettes even in the windiest weather conditions. It doesn’t matter if it’s storming outside, you’ll have a dependable light whenever and wherever you need it.

USB rechargeable:

Conveniently recharges via USB cable which is included in the package. No more messy butane fluids or the hassle of refilling.

Safe and easy to use:

Just slide open the cover to heat up the coil for safe and easy use.

Perfect gift idea for smokers:

This windproof lighter is recommended as the perfect gift for smokers who are tired of fighting with traditional lighters in the wind. It doesn’t generate a flame, making it the perfect lighter for lighting cigarettes.

6. Saberlight Extended Arc Lighter

Our Rating:

Saberlight extended Arc lighter uses plasma technology that is safe, dependable and easy to use in all weather conditions, both indoors and outdoors.


This electronic plasma arc lighter is flameless so there is no flame to blow out in the wind. It is dependable for use in all weather conditions whether it’s windy or rainy outside. This makes it a part of the essential equipment needed for camping, hiking, backpacking or outdoor grilling.


The electronic lighting feature makes this lighter convenient to use without the need for using butane refills. It eliminates the hassle and comes with a USB charger. The lithium ion cell charges in a single hour and delivers up to three hours of continual use.

Multiple uses:

The unique design of this lighter features an extended neck that makes it the perfect lighter for lighting grills, candles, campfires and much more.

TSA approved:

Safe for taking through the airport. There are no dangerous fuels involved so it’s perfectly fine to take with you when travelling by air.

7. Single Jet Flame Torch Windproof Lighter

Our Rating:

Enjoy the convenience off four packs of Single Jet Flame torch lighters. They work in all weather conditions and offer the convenience of an adjustable flame.

Jumbo size:

These windproof lighters are jumbo size measuring four inches in height.

Torch lighter style:

The extra large jumbo lighters are a torch style for those who prefer a strong authentic flame. The flame is fully adjustable to suit your needs at the time.


The strong flame is highly resistant to wind, making this an excellent choice for hikers, campers or outdoor grilling.


When you’re in the wilderness, it’s hard to find a place to charge electronic lighters. These butane lighters are refillable so you don’t need to be near a power source to make them work.

8. OIIKURY Rechargeable Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Our Rating:

Touch Sensor:

This lighter turns on with a simple touch of the sensor. In fact, just floating your finger over the sensor is enough to light it. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use lighter, then this is the one for you. The lighter won’t turn on if the safety lid is in place.

USB Rechargeable:

Recharge the OIIKURY lighter with any mini-USB charger. This lighter features 50 to 200 hours of battery life, and when it dies you can charge it in your car, with your computer, or through an outlet. Convenient LED lights tell you when your lighter is running low. Never find yourself without a working lighter again.

Plasma Wave Technology:

Eliminate the need for harmful butane with this electric plasma lighter. The plasma wave technology is hotter than flame without the need for sparks or combustible chemicals.

Windproof & Flameless:

This electric plasma lighter is flameless and windproof. With this lighter, you can light anything from birthday candles to cigarettes. The only things you can’t light with the OIIKURY lighter are pipes and cigars.

9. Tesla Coil Lighters USB Rechargeable Windproof Arc Lighter

Our Rating:

Compact Size:

This lighter measures only 3 inches by 1.5 inches and only .5 inches deep. You can easily tuck this electric lighter into a small pocket or clutch. And with a USB charger, you can take your lighter with you wherever you go.

Stylish Design:

This arc lighter features a sleek and colorful chrome exterior. If you want your lighter to turn heads, this is the one for you.

Convenient Power Button:

All it takes to ignite this lighter is the simple push of a button. Since this lighter uses an electric arc, you don’t need to mess with harmful lighter fluid. Plus, this lighter will never misfire with the use of its safety lid feature. Safe and convenient for everyday use.

Foolproof Lighting:

Since there’s no spark or flame, you can light this lighter in any condition. Feel free to use this lighter on a moving boat, car, or motorcycle. After all, even the windiest of days are no match for this electric arc lighter.

10. Tacklife ELY03 Electric Arc Lighter

Our Rating:

Enjoy the benefits of the Tacklife electric Arc lighter. Packed with features, this windproof lighter is dependable in all weather conditions.


The design of this Arc lighter makes it totally windproof. Whether there’s a light breeze blowing or it’s a full scale gale event, you can depend on the Tacklife electric arc lighter to ignite every time.


Easy and convenient Li-ion battery is USB rechargeable. The battery supplies 300 ignitions on one single charge. You can recharge this lighter from any computer, power bank, mobile or any other standard USB port.

High security:

This lighter is butane-free so there are no health risks involved with its use. It lights quickly and easily with a slide in and out design that has a built-in automatic shutdown after 10 seconds. This is an added safety feature to prevent accidents and keep your family safer.

High tech design:

This lighter operates through a slide out safety switch that requires pressing the activation button. It’s easy for adults to use, but not for small children. It comes with an actual on and off button as an added safety feature. The alumina ceramic lighter’s nozzle features a stale discharge with 700 volts for high performance.

Multiple use:

The design of this lighter makes it perfect for lighting candles or barbecue grills without burning your fingers. It’s also great for starting campfires or lighting cigarettes. This lighter is highly recommended for backpackers, campers, outdoor barbecues, lighting candles indoors and many other situations.


The package comes with one Tacklife arc lighter, one USB charging cable, one user’s manual and a warranty card for the 24-month warranty and guarantee of superior performance.

Final Verdict

Windproof lighters are a superior choice to the old traditional lighters that are impossible to use in windy conditions.

We’ve chosen ten of the most highly recommended lighters that have lived up to their promises for exceptional performance and dependability for your consideration. When deciding which is the best windproof lighter for you, consider how you will use the lighter. What is best for one person may not be a good choice for another.

Our selections give you reviews of a variety of different types, including electric and butane. We also included a range of styles, sizes and feature combinations. This is to help you find the ideal windproof lighter by browsing through the selection in one convenient location.

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