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Founded all the way back in 1902, the Buck family of San Diego, California set out to change the world of knives, setting the new standard of quality and customer expectations.

Buck Knives has put sport and utility knives on the map and are the inventors of the folding hunting knife.

They have become so synonymous with hunting knives that even those manufactured from other companies are commonly referred to as buck knives.


110 Folding Hunter

110 Folding Hunter

283 Nano Bantam Folding Pocket Knife

283 Nano Bantam Folding Pocket Knife

Selector 2.0 Exchangeable Blade

Selector 2.0 Exchangeable Blade

The Creator of Buck Knives

Buck Knives 110

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The company’s founder, Hoyt H. Buck began working as a blacksmith’s apprentice at the ripe old age of 10 years old. He would go on to create a new method for heat-treating knife blades and other tools at just 13 years old.

Hoyt would harness his knowledge and skills for years without releasing any product to the public. This would all start to change after the attacks on Pearl Harbor in 1941. As an established member of the United States Navy, Hoyt H. Buck started to believe that the best way he could help his beloved country was to start forging knives to arm and protect his fellow troops.

His dedication to provide only the highest quality knives possible was something that was luckily passed down to his son who, along with other members of the Buck board, would work tirelessly to build a full-fledged company.

They would center their entire company around a single knife called the Buck Model 110 Folding Hunter that would completely revolutionize the world of utility knives.

This list of knives will all come from the Buck Knives line of products. While some buck knives from other manufacturers can be satisfactorily sound, they truly can’t match their source of inspiration in the Buck Knives brand.

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110 Folding Hunter

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This is the knife that started it all. The 110 began at the hands of Hoyt H. Buck himself and has undergone some slight modernized modifications since then including a foldable feature that allows the blade to be tucked away into the handle when not in use. This is truly an all-purpose knife in every sense of the word.

Made of the finest 420HC steel, the dazzling blade of this knife is comprised of a high-carbon steel variety that allows it to be lightweight and highly durable at the same time. This high-carbon blade is built to last as it is capable of retaining its sharp edge after continuous use.

If at any point, you need to correct a dulling blade, it can be easily sharpened back to its original state. The 420HC is naturally anti-corrosive, making it a perfect knife for diving and also makes it perfectly fine to leave out in the elements.

The high quality of blade used in this knife is one thing, but when it is treated with such an in-depth manufacturing process as it is, it creates a combination that just cannot be matched.

Longtime Buck Knives worker Paul Bos created a treatment that is still being used on each knife even after his retirement from the company in 2010. In this process, the blade is heated at extremely high temperatures, dropped down to freeze, and then reheated to create a resulting blade that is meant to last.

The blade features a reliable nail notch locking mechanism that ensures that the blade remains securely locked in place in its folded position when not in use. The anti-corrosive blade will also allow for easy release from this locked position, greatly reducing the likelihood that the blade ends up getting stuck in folded position.

Its perfect blade length, center of balance, and weight create a combination of sturdiness and maneuverability that make it extremely easy to use while also feeling great in the hand. The handle is forged of high-grade classic woodgrain built for comfort.

Added brass bolsters add to the beauty of the knife while working to add to its overall balance. This 7.2-ounce knife is perfect to assist you in hunting and all of your other outdoor activities.


283 Nano Bantam Folding Pocket Knife

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This more modern offering from Buck Knives is more compact and sleeker than its predecessor. Built with its own key ring hole, this blade is intended for the person on the go.

With the handle being available in a countless amount of color schemes, you can pick out the perfect color to fit your style. The blade’s ergonomic grip allows for optimal precision, making it clear that this knife doesn’t just look good.

This highly functional blade weighs in at just 0.6 of an ounce. Its handle is a virtually weightless injection molded composite that removes any unnecessary weight to make all maneuvers as effortless as possible.

The blade’s light weight makes for almost effortless precision. It has a drop point near the top of the blade which greatly reduces the likelihood of accidental puncturing or other injuries. The 283 Nano provides so much accuracy that it could become your go-to knife for extremely precise activities such and whittling.


Selector 2.0 Exchangeable Blade

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Buck Knives released their first exchangeable blade knife in 1990, as they wanted to provide their customers with a customizability and choice as to which blade they’d like to use for different situations. That first interchangeable blade has since been discontinued, but the new version 2.0 of the knife has been released and made available since 2016.

The selector 2.0 offers 3 interchangeable blades that each work for different situations.

One blade is a standard drop point blade similar to the blades of the first 2 entries on this list. It is built for precision and accuracy.

The next blade is a partially serrated drop point blade. This blade takes elements of accuracy from the drop point and adds in serrations that add a much-needed power factor when cutting through tough material like rope or branches.

The third blade is a gutting blade intended for what it sounds like. It will allow for precise and efficient cleaning of your deer and other hunting prizes. This blade offers a deep curvature that makes scooping and maneuvering through the animal as effortless as possible to make the cleaning process smooth and easy.

The blade’s Edge2x blade technology makes blade changing extremely easy. Utilizing pressure at a certain area of where the blade meets the handle will allow for easy removal while simultaneously ensuring the chosen blade stays in place unless you want it taken out.

Buyer’s Guide for Buck Knives

Man's hand is holding the buck knives 110

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These are just three of the tremendously high-quality knives that Buck Knives has to offer. Like what was previously stated, there are other high-quality knives out there, but you will be hard pressed to find a blade that comes from a company as established and dedicated to customer satisfaction as Buck Knives has always been and will always be.

Buck Knives believes in their products so much that they attach a lifetime warranty on all of their knives to ensure that you are happy with your blade forever.

When selecting a knife from the Buck Knives catalog of blades, you should ask yourself a few key questions. What do you need the blade for?

Do the cuts need to be precise and accurate or can they be serrated? Is the weight of the blade a factor?

Do you need a compact blade that will fit in your pocket or other confined spaces, or can it be bulkier?

Once you have an idea of what type of blade you’d like to go with, Buck Knives recommends that you give their customer service line a call Monday through Friday 9:30am to 5:00pm MST if you have any questions or need a little guidance in selecting the blade perfect for you.

Buck Knives believes so much in satisfying all of their customers that they place its importance at the same dedication level as their blades themselves.

You truly cannot go wrong with any offering from Buck Knives. It all depends on your particular needs in a buck knife.

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