10 Camping Drinking/Campfire Games for Adults

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best camping drinking games

best camping drinking games

Camping season will be coming up in a few short months. While it’s fun to be in the great outdoors, sometimes it gets boring at camp. You can fill the less exciting times with some entertaining drinking games. What better way than to enjoy a few drinks with friends, playing games around the campfire. Here are ten that are guaranteed to break up the slow times.

1. Tipsy Artists

This game is like pictionary and if you’re not good at drawing, you’ll get drunk. You’ll need a timer, sketch pads, pencils, pens or markers and a group of willing participants. Each player takes a turn being the artist, then the timer so everyone gets a turn.

To start the round, the timer whispers a word to the artist in secrecy. When the clock starts, the artist draws their best rendition of the word and the others guess what the secret word is based on the drawing. Guessing starts immediately because for every twenty seconds that it takes to make the correct guess, the artist has to take a drink. If everyone gives up, the artist ends their turn by taking a full shot.

2. The Alphabet Drinking Game

The Alphabet Drinking Game is a lot of fun. It’s also a good way to get drunk fast. To play, you’ll only need to have your drinks and a group of players. It’s played by choosing a theme and starting with a word. We’ll use the example, fruits. The first person chooses a fruit, such as apple. The next person says the word and adds another to the growing list. This goes around the circle of players who each add one more item to the list of the them and it continues until someone forgets one of the things on the list, then they must miss their turn and take a shot. The game can go on until everyone misses and has a to take a shot, then it can start all over again.

3. Drink, Drink, Shot

We’ve all heard of Duck Duck Goose, but this is an adult version that involves drinking. All players sit in a circle around the campfire. One of the players walks around the circle and touches the other players on the head, saying “drink.’ Everyone touched has to take a small drink or sip. The player picks someone in the group to say “shot” to. The person who gets the “shot” order has to jump up and chase the person and try to touch them before they reach their seat. If he catches that player, he becomes the person giving the orders. If not, he has to take a shot. The person giving the orders is replaced when someone catches him.

4. I Never Did

I Never Did is easy to play and all that is needed are players and drinks. Everyone sits around the campfire. The first person makes a “I never” statement like, “I’ve never been in the army.” Anyone in the group who has been in the army has to take a drink. This goes completely around the circle. It’s an easy game to play, but it can get hilarious fast. You can also get drunk at record speed if you’ve done a lot in your life.

5. Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat is a drinking game that lets you get a good workout. Players quickly chug a beer, then spin around for ten complete turns quickly. Immediately after spinning, the player runs from one set point to another, then back. On the way back ,the player tags their teammate who goes next and repeats. It’s funny to watch the runners in action because it’s hard to run in a straight line.

6. Drunken Horseshoes

To play drunken horseshoes you need two poles, or sticks, beer bottles and a Frisbee. This can be challenging and that’s what makes it so much fun. Place the beer bottles on the poles or sticks.

Divide the players into teams and stand back about 20 feet from the poles. The first group up throws the Frisbee, trying to knock the bottles off the pole. You get 3 points for a direct hit that knocks the bottle off, and 2 if you hit the pole and knock the bottle off. If a defending team catches the bottle after it falls, but before it hits the ground, they get one defending point. The opposite team takes one drink for every point you score and vice versa.

7. True or False

Everyone in the group writes a noun on a piece of paper, folds it and puts it in the hat. The first player rolls the dice and keeps the number to themselves. An even number means you tell a true story about yourself using a word written on the paper. If your roll was an odd number, make the story up. Everyone has to guess if your story is true or false. Whoever gets it wrong has to take a drink. If they guess correctly, you take a drink.

8. If You Know What I Mean

If You Know What I Mean is similar to the game show “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” You break into groups for this one. One person lays out a scene from a magazine or other publication they’ve found. If you don’t have pictures, you can lay out a scene with words, or write it down. Two players go back and forth making remarks to each other. Each remark has to end with “if you know what I mean.”The phrases must have a sexual overtone. The first person to run out of phrases has to take a drink.

9. Medusa

To play Medusa you’ll need a round table and a lot of jello shots or filled shot glasses. All players start with their heads down on the surface of the table. Everyone counts to three together, then lifts their head and gazes directly at another player. Everyone must hold their stare and be honest, don’t shift your gaze. Anyone who is looking at someone who is looking at someone else is safe. If you’re staring into the eyes of someone else, shout “Medusa! and take a shot. This is repeated until there are no more shots on the table.

10. Camping Cup Swap

Each player starts with two plastic cups and a spoon. One cup is filled with an alcoholic drink and the other is empty. Each player is given sixty seconds to use the spoon and transfer the drink from one cup to the other. When sixty seconds is up, each player has to drink everything that is left in the original filled cup.

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