Best Hiking Boots That Will Last: Our Top 7 Picks

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You have the trail and full itinerary all set, but how are your shoes? Standard sneakers will absolutely not cut it in this situation.

You’re going to need actual hiking boots to ensure that your feet are fully protected and supported during your excursion.

How We Chose Our Ratings

The following items on our list have been rated using a system that incorporates comfort, special features, effectiveness, and overall brand reputation.

We firmly believe that customer feedback is very important, so we were sure to include consumer testimonials and reviews as well that work to shine light on just how great all of these hiking boots are.

The 7 Best Hiking Boots

1. Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

These tremendous hiking boots offer a high-quality waterproof leather that will work to shield your feet from the elements while looking great in the process.

The midsole of this particular offering from Columbia features patented TechLite technology that works to establish long-lasting comfort and support.

The track of this boot is lined in advanced Omni-Grip material that provides outstanding traction so that you no longer have to worry about slipping or losing your hold on a particularly tough terrain.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase these hiking boots at a low and affordable price of $52.99 off of

Satisfied customer, Vaporsilver, says, “These boots are fantastic. The fit was spot on, and they were already water-proofed. I hiked a day after purchasing them, and I have had casual work shoes that were more difficult to break in than these.”

5 out of 5 stars

2. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

This second iteration of the popular Moab by Merell is loaded with features that build upon what made the first model so successful.

The Moab 2 is both waterproof and highly durable. It’s Select Dry and Select Fresh functionality are put in place to make sure that your feet stay dry and smelling great at all times.

The outer portion of the boot is covered in a high-strength leather that both looks great and serves the job of protecting your feet just in case a rogue rock were to fall on them.

Dispersed throughout the leather body are breathable mesh coatings that allow air to circulate and keep your feet feeling cool for the entire duration of your hike.

The heel of the Moab 2 offers a fully functional air cushion that will work to protect your foot from a particularly rough landing by absorbing any and all shock.

The outer portion of this hiking boot is enough to please any avid hiker, but the features inside the product fully cement its top spot on our list tied with the offering from Columbia.

The insole of the Moab 2 by Merrell offers an M Select FIT.ECO+ blended EVA contoured footbed that creates tremendous arch support that will also translate to add fortification and strengthening of your heel.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase this tremendous hiking boot off of for just $85.70.

Satisfied customer, Dana Rocco Macri, says, “These things kick butt. I work in the rain a lot and need something that can hold up to being rained on for like 8+ hours non-stop while stepping in water and all the rest.”

4.9 out of 5 stars

3. Timberland White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Timberland has become synonymous with the work boot. Everything that they put out is of the very highest quality. Not only do Timberland release tremendous boots intended for construction sites, but they also have an amazing line of hiking boots.

The White Ledge offering has made its way on our list of the best hiking boots for good reason. They do not only look great, but their functionality sets them apart amongst so many other hiking boots.

The White Ridge is waterproof and will work tirelessly to keep you dry at all times. Its rubber outsole makes use of a B.S.F.P. motion efficiency system that will work with your feet to make braking, supporting, flexing, and propelling that much easier. This system will make traction simple to keep you on track, literally.

Its EVA footbed is perforated for much-needed circulation and is highly cushioned to keep your feet feeling great for as long as you have them on.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase these great hiking boots from Timberland off of for just $69.95.

Satisfied customer, D_Doll, says, “I’m really pleased with how well these are made, and how well they’re holding up to heavy, regular use. They still look brand new, and if you knew my husband, you’d know that’s really saying something!”

4.7 out of 5 stars

4. Camel Crown Hiking Boot

Camel Crown may be of the lesser known brands on this list, but you can rest assured that you will live these boots or your money back with their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This trendy hiking boot offers water resistance and waterproof functionality that utilizes a super effective draining system that will keep your feet totally dry. The waterproofing is made possible thanks to a highly durable nubuck leather that comes complete with a reinforced toe to prevent injury.

These boots offer extra-wide space to ensure that you have plenty of room within them to stay comfortable. The gusseted tongue will work to relieve the pressure and friction of the laces that usually becomes an issue with boots that have less structural reinforcement.

The ankles are also padded for increased stability to greatly help reduce the likelihood of a sprain while hiking.

Camel Crown’s tread is nothing to sneeze at either. Its multidirectional and multi-surface treading allows for a tremendous grip that will rival those belonging to the big-name brands.

Their grippy traction will allow for mid and other debris to pass through the treading with great ease, allowing the surface area to be maximized at all times to get the best footing possible.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase a set of these great hiking boots from for $72.99 with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Satisfied customer, Madhav, says, “Really nice boots! This pair is the best shoes I ever had. This pair of boots looks really beautiful and is very comfortable to wear. It is very good for the winter to keep your feet warm from the freezing cold.”

4.5 out of 5 stars

5. Keen Targhee II Mid

This great offering from keen has proclaimed that this particular hiking boot provides “four-wheel-drive performance for your feet.” Just like that extremely useful functionality for your car would allow you to drive on a multitude of surfaces, the Targhee II will allow you to tackle even the most treacherous hiking terrain.

These hiking boots provide a trendy waterproof mesh membrane that will work to keep you dry and will also cool during particularly grueling hikes.

The outsole of this particular hiking boot offers very prominent lugs that will work to dig deep into the ground and provide much-needed traction.

The shank located just above the shock resistant sole will work to add stability and balance to your hiking experience. The padding tongue and collar of the boot will keep you comfortable and will prevent those painful ankle indentations that so many other boots tend to cause.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase your very own set of Keen Targhee II Mid hiking boots from starting at $96.60.

Satisfied customer, Dreamer, says, “These carried me all through the Rockies last year and I know they will do great this year. They will take just a little bit of time to stretch out and your toes might get a little rubbed – but that will quickly go away, and they will fit perfectly.”

4.4 out of 5 stars

6. Rax Leopord Series Cushioning Leather Hiking Boots

These stylish and hip hiking boots from Rax are sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The Leopord will appear at first glance as some type of highly functional sneaker due to its pronounced padding and athletic shoe style. A closer look at the treads will show you that they are very much a hiking boot and a highly effective one at that.

The anti-skid rubber sole will work to prevent slippage and loss of traction, while the shock-absorbent midsole will work to take on the brunt of all impacts.

Above the sole, you’ll find a suede leather body that is flexible and breathable. This highly mobile fabric will ensure that you are allowed a full range of motion without any restrictions.

The high-top format of these hiking boots will work to fully support your ankles, and the cushioned tongue and collar will keep you comfortable the entire time you are hiking.

Pricing and Customer Reviews

You can currently purchase these breakers of the hiking boot status quo off of for a low price of $68.00.

Satisfied customer, karta529, says, “Comfortable, foot comfortable and warm. Externally, too, liked. It is difficult to talk about wear – little time has passed. I am satisfied with the purchase.”

4.4 out of 5 stars

7. Hi-Tec Bandera Mid

This offering from Hi-Tec is a tremendous addition to their already well-established line. Hi-Tec is actually the pioneer of the lightweight hiking boot dating all the way back to 1978.

This iteration takes all of what was successful in the past and adds in some new features that lead to one very strong boot. The Bandera is designed to repel water, thanks to its highly effective waterproof system. The lacing hardware is also fully rust proof, so they will remain looking great no matter what type of elements you may put them through.

The steel shank located just above the outsole will provide much needed overall support to your foot. The neighboring outsole will give you the shock absorption feature you look for in a modern hiking boot, and its tread will help you dig deep into the ground of your chosen path.

Breathable mesh inserts dispersed throughout the boot will work to provide that much-needed air circulation to keep you cool while you hike.

The Pricing and Customer Reviews

This highly functional offering from Hi-Tec can be purchased from for as low as $42.80.

Satisfied customer, G. George, says, “A high quality, well-made pair of shoes or boots should fit comfortably from the first time they are put on, without a brake-in period and these hiking boots do just that!”

4.2 out of 5 stars

Buyer’s Guide

Any of these hiking boots will do a fantastic job of helping you tackle even the toughest of terrain. They are all waterproof and all of them offer a tremendous amount of tread that will allow you to gain a firm grasp on your chosen trail.

Shock absorption is very important in a good hiking boot, and all of these boots will work to effortless take the brunt of all forces you place on them.

If comfort is something you look for as well, all of these hiking boots are not only highly durable but will make your feet feel great despite the heavy workload you place on them from the act of hiking.

When selecting your perfect hiking boot, look no further than the offerings on this list. You truly cannot go wrong.

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