Simple Tips To Make Hiking Less Tiring

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Simple Tips To Make Hiking Less Tiring

Simple Tips To Make Hiking Less Tiring

Experienced hikers have learned how to make the trip an exciting and fun experience. Those who haven’t hiked much may have a lot to learn to get the most out of it. If you’re new to hiking, we have some great tips to help make hiking less tiring. It’s not much fun to walk all day and collapse into your tent, too exhausted to participate in other activities. Here are the things that you can do to make hiking fun and less tiring.

Prepare ahead of time

You will become less tired when hiking if you condition your body in advance. If you’re not used to walking, hiking or running, start slowly and build up to longer, more strenuous workouts. Try walking around the block, then increase the amount of time you spend walking. This is a good way to build your stamina and avoid becoming tired after a hike.

Wear the right shoes and clothing

​The clothing that you wear for hiking can make a big difference in how you feel. It should be light in color, so you don’t overheat. Your clothing should also be comfortable and loose fitting. Choose well-fitting shoes that offer the right amount of support, are made of breathable materials so your feet don’t get too hot. If you are beginning your hike in cool weather, wear layers that can easily be removed as the temperature rises. Being as comfortable as possible can help to reduce feelings of tiredness and exhaustion. .

​Lighten your load

​If you’re carrying a backpack, it’s important to carry all of the essentials that you will need, but it should also be as light as possible. When you’re buying the gear that you will need to carry, go with the most lightweight items that you can. Even a pound or two can make a big difference when you’re carrying a load. You’ll be less tired at the end of your hike if you’re not carrying a heavy or bulky backpack.

​Stay hydrated

​Believe it or not, becoming dehydrated can make you feel more tired. This is why you should take along water and sports drinks for your hike. When you’re hiking, you sweat and this depletes your body of water as well as electrolytes. Sports drinks contain the glucose and sodium that can help to restore electrolyte balance so you will feel more energized.

​Eat healthy snacks

​When you’re hiking, you burn calories. The best way to avoid feeling tired after such a big calorie burn is to replenish your nutritional supply so your body can convert it into quick energy. Some good snacks to carry with you are energy bars, granola bars, a package of nuts, trail mix, fruit snacks and other nutritional items. Avoid heavily sugared snacks because these offer a quick energy boost that can leave you feeling more tired after the sugar high wears off.

​Take frequent breaks to rest

​One surefire way to avoid becoming too tired on a hike is to take frequent breaks to rest. When it’s hot out, stop at a shady spot with a beautiful view and enjoy the scenery while you’re taking a load off your feet. If you’re carrying a backpack, set it on the ground and give yourself a nice reprieve from the activities. You’ll feel a lot less tired if you give yourself plenty of time to finish your hike.

​Other recommendations

​Excessive use of alcohol or bringing on heavy fatty foods can leave your energy resources depleted. If you want to feel your best both while hiking and afterwards, use these things very sparingly. If you take care of your body, it will take care of you.

Bottom Line

​There are several different things that you can do to avoid becoming tired after taking a lovely hike. The most important thing is to get your body in shape before you attempt it. When you have a healthy store of stamina already built up, it’s easier to keep your energy reserves replenished.

Eating healthy snacks that will give you sustainable energy will help you to avoid feeling tired. Keeping your body hydrated will also keep you feeling fresher. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothing is another important thing to keep in mind. Keeping your pack light, and taking frequent breaks will also help you to feel more full of energy.

There is no good reason to feel exhausted after taking a hike. If you plan ahead, get your body ready and follow the tips that we’ve outlined in this guide, you can enjoy hiking, as well as other fun activities when the hike is over.

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