Yeti Coolers Are So Expensive – Here’s Why

why yeti coolers are expensive

why yeti coolers are expensive

Coolers are necessary items when you’re camping or going to a tailgate party. They are essential equipment that keeps things cool to avoid spoilage. They’re not complicated and some are available for low prices, so why is it that Yeti Coolers are so much more expensive than most others? Are they really worth the extra money you pay for them? In the end, this is a decision that only you can make. Here are the reasons why Yeti’s are higher priced.


Yeti coolers are made to be strong and durable. When compared with many other brands, they hold up much longer. They hold up under rough conditions and frequent use.

How many coolers have you purchased in the past 20 years? The leading reason for cooler replacement is cracking, broken hinges or leakage from cracks due to wear. Yeti’s hold up under conditions that other coolers cannot.

When weighing the value of a more expensive Yeti, think about how much you’ve spent on cooler replacements.

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​Rotomolded Plastic Construction

Plastic resins are formed into the shape of each Yeti Tundra to give each a unique durability. The materials are amazingly light, yet resistant to dam

​Firm Seal

It seems tragic when the cooler tips and spills its content. All it takes is an angry bear to flip it over. The lid opens easily and the contents are on the ground. The Tundra cooler is rated to survive the attack of a bear. How many other brands can say this?

Damage Resistant​

The Yeti Tundra line has been tested for high impacts, fire and heavy loads. It is resistant to damage from campfire and accidental impacts.

What happens when you drop your cooler or if something heavy falls on the top of it? Most crack or shatter, but not the Yeti. Accidents happen regardless of how careful you are. Throwing a heavy piece of equipment on your cooler can cause it to crack.

Thermal Insulation​

Yeti has improved the layer of hardened plastic over most other brands by crafting two-inch thick walls and injecting a commercial grade foam of polyurethane on the interior. This creates a far superior insulative effect that keeps the contents colder for longer. This can be a valuable resource for hunters who must store game for days.

In addition, it keeps your food and beverages cool and safe for longer than the 2 to 4 days most coolers offer. This means less hassle replacing the ice for extended trips. This puts an end to spoiled food when you depend on it in the wilderness. The permafrost thick insulation of a Yeti cannot be beat by its competition.

Weighing the Cost Versus the Value​

Yeti coolers are known for their high performance. The old saying, you get what you pay for, is generally true.

Yeti is a product that you can depend on when you need it the most. It cuts down on the need for constant changing of the ice, and replacement of a damaged cooler. Is it really worth the expense? The real question is how much you depend on a cooler. If you’re a frequent user, then it may be.

How many times have you been let down by your cooler in the past? Yeti coolers come with a warranty plan between three and five years, depending on the model. If the non-skid feet and Vortex drainage system are features you might enjoy, this might increase the value for you.

What Makes Yeti the Best?

Bottom Line

​Yeti coolers are more expensive than most coolers on the market today. While most people do not consider a cooler or “ice chest” as an investment, perhaps it’s time to start. If you rarely make use of a cooler, it’s probably not a product that would be worth the money.

On the other hand, if a cooler is a regular part of your lifestyle, it may be. We grew tired of leaking chests that soaked the campsite and were a problem to load and take home. The mess was frustrating and it’s something that happened too often. Broken lids were another problem. Heavy gear sliding around in the back of the trailer have led to a few broken coolers in our case. While we’re not unique, we did something about it and don’t regret paying the extra cost.

For people who camp or hunt in unforgiving terrain, a regular cooler usually isn’t up to the challenge. This is the reason that we decided that the Yeti was well worth the investment.

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